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Investment and Program Details

Global Financial has developed the industry's leading training program that allows you to easily and rapidly enter the lucrative and prestigious field of commercial finance, a service that literally every business in America needs.

Over the last decade we have developed a unique combination of marketing techniques, access to the best lenders in the industry, a very wide range of loan products designed to solve nearly any business need and a lifetime of support.  No other company in this industry has a similar depth of experience or can, as easily, put you in a position to start earning a six figure income.

The cost of "Owning Your Own Finance Company" is a one-time fee of $19,950. We are not a franchise. There are no additional fees or royalties paid to us. You can be in this business in a month earning an extraordinary income with literally no cap to your earning potential.

Most important, our programs are constantly evolving. Some companies suggest that their "proprietary"  program is superior to our philosophy of constant evolution. If this were true there would be no use for the rapidly expanding host of internet marketing tools that we test and incorporate into our trainings each month, the new loan products, the evolving landscape of lenders.  However, there is no question that in today's Economy even $19,950 is real money to be considered very carefully. So it's our job to demonstrate to you that what you receive for our training fee is worth every penny. In other sections of this website we showed you clearly:

         How you can realistically achieve earning six figures.
         How to target "bread and butter" business, repeat residual income and mix it with potential "mega-loan" business.

In this section we share with you the actual knowledge you will receive in the training, the tools you will be given to "hit the ground running" and how to get your phone ringing in the first ten days.


Real Business Expertise. Not Textbook Learning
Finally, before we get into the details of what YOU get lets understand one final point. We don’t teach textbook type of learning. Every day we are in the commercial finance business ourselves making transactions, experiencing what you will experience, realizing objectives and aspirations that you will. We will demonstrate how important it is to work directly with the lenders, how to market, what tools you need, where to find resources and so much more.

This is what you get in our training program.

1. Four Days of INTENSIVE Training in New York

Over the last decade we have come to realize that our four day training represents the best framework to learn the critical information you will need to get started without burdening you with “information overload”. You are entering a completely new industry. While it's easy to learn the basics, understanding everything in a week is simply not realistic. That's why we've determined that 4 days of intense core training backed up by ongoing support is far more effective. But don't take our word for it. Our graduates were asked that exact question and you can hear their answers in our testimonials on the site.


Importantly, in addition to our 30+ continuous years in the commercial finance industry our lenders bring to the training literally hundreds of years of experience. You will learn first hand from both them and us what works and what is simply marketing fluff. You will hone in on the most effective techniques, best loan programs, greatest needs, most lucrative deals and latest resources. You'll discover the dozens of ways to make an outstanding living in this industry first hand from the real "winners" and they will not be shy about sharing their hard earned lessons with you.  You'll see how easy it is to make up to 15% commissions on loans ranging in size from $5,000 to over $500 million. By the time you graduate you will have all the tools and resources needed to get your phones ringing the very first day.  

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2. Basics Training
We start with the basics; how to structure your business, time management, setting and achieving goals, creating an easy to follow plan, identifying niche opportunities. We train you about the industry; how you make money with each type of financing, when to use one or the other and the unique industry vocabulary (buzz words) that allows you to sound like a pro. We introduce you to more than 30 types of "core" lending products. Importantly each of these core lending practices are multi-purposed so the reality is you can make hundreds of different types of loans . We show you the pros and cons of being completely independent or hiring a sales force to grow your business rapidly.

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3. Balancing Your Business Targets
Importantly we train you how to create a “balanced mix” of business so your primary efforts are focused on monthly income producing results, while a small portion of your time can be devoted to initiating larger deals that may be less dependable but if achieved can easily double your income. Our target marketing approach teaches you exactly how to identify both large deals ($20 million+) and bread and butter deals ($50,000) so your income rises rapidly while offering you the opportunity to earn more in one deal than most people make in a year. 

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4. Marketing. One of the Cornerstones of Our Program (for complete marketing section click here)
Any savvy business person understands that marketing is a cornerstone of success. No matter how good your product, you must  fully understand how to get the word out and who to direct the message to. Because the correct marketing approach in this business is so important we have dedicated a complete section on this site to what you will learn. Critical to understanding this subject is the reality that the marketing landscape is changing every week. Technology has forced us all to become "learning addicts" and when you are building a new business you hardly have time for that. So we make the effort for you and constantly evolve our marketing programs to suit the latest capabilities. Some companies claim to have "proprietary marketing techniques". In today's rapidly evolving internet scene that's like nailing your shoes to the ground. Here's a brief summary of what The Marketing Section covers:

•    Internet Marketing
•    Direct marketing
•    Indirect marketing
•    Niche Marketing
•    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
•    Vendor Marketing
•    Industry based targeting
•    Loan size targeting
•    Testing and measuring results
•    Free marketing
•    Branding and awareness campaigns
•    Lead Generation
•    Customer profiling (how to make one customer seek you out over and over again)
•    Article Marketing
•    Public Relations
Email campaigns, ad-word campaigns, viral social marketing techniques, search engine optimization and specialized internet tools are covered in depth in the training.

•    Email campaigns, ad-word campaigns, viral social marketing techniques, search engine optimization and specialized internet tools are covered in depth in the training.

For a complete and detailed description of what many consider to be the most effective marketing program in the industry <click here>.

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5. Another Cornerstone of Our Program -Know the Lenders

The key to your success is unlimited capital availability and knowing “HOW” to talk to lenders. We introduce you to key lenders during the training who will provide the a wide possible scope of lending activities. These are NOT individuals or private lenders that can be here one day and gone another. These are first rate lenders and large institutions that have identified special niches which are easy to target and have been in the business for decades.

Find Out What Works Directly From The Best Lenders

The Lenders will tell you (in person) the latest trends in financing, the easiest products to market, and the best sources for clients. They walk you through the process of loan approvals, which in many cases is surprisingly simple.

Once you know these lenders specialties you will see that targeting unlimited sources of clients is straight forward and easy. And in the marketing sections you will see exactly how we train you to accomplish this “targeted marketing approach”.


You Will be Immediately Pre-Approved with Lenders-Our Reputation Will Save You Three Years! You Are Approved to Do Business With Major Lenders in Days, Not Years.


In this industry it usually takes three years, personal financials and industry references to be approved with lenders. Not only would you have to put in the time but you normally would have to provide financials, background checks and more. As a Global graduate you will be approved with “premium” lenders to allow you to do business with them starting from day one without going through the normal approval process. You will be qualified to finance transactions from $10,000 to $20,000,000 or more and many of our students are shocked when they discover they  are able to get approvals in 24 hours

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6. Certification as a Global Professional

When you complete our training program, you will receive the designation of a Certified Global Professional, showing lenders and borrowers that you have completed our program and are knowledgeable in all types of business loans. You will also receive a certificate that will make you automatically approved to do business with a wide range of lenders (worth the cost of the program alone). This certificate is an impressive addition to your office when framed.

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7. Special Assistance with Mega Loans
As for mega loans ($100 million or more), we will work hand in hand in guiding you through these more complex transactions. ONE OF OUR STUDENTS RECENTLY COMPLETED A $115 MILLION DOLLAR FINANCING WITH A COMMISSION OF ABOUT 1%. That's a $1+ million dollar payday!

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8. Professionally Designed Website and Brand Identity
Knowing the “ins and outs” of the internet would be useless without a website that reflected your professionalism.
This is a perfect home based business and your website is your showroom! It will be professionally designed by our team of internet specialists, personalized with your company’s information, and hosted free for 90-days.

It will make you look and feel like the “Big Boys” with copy that makes you sound like you’ve been in the business for years. This is critical to your success since much of your business will be conducted over the phone and your appearance on your website will give your client real confidence in your organization.

It includes the different types of financing and services your company will offer. Your site will draw many clients and leads each week. We can also design a unique logo for you.

Clients will be able to contact you directly and apply online for their financing needs. We will teach you how to market your site to maximize traffic and how to generate leads using effective search techniques to get you listed with Google and other first rate search engines. The website will complement the professionalism of your company and instill confidence in the companies you work with.

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9. Role Playing Gets You in a “Comfort Zone”
With hundreds of real life case studies to choose from we are able to do a lot of role playing. This gets you comfortable with questions, objections and answers making you completely prepared for any client. We’ll teach you how to “get” a client’s story quickly and identify the right lender for that client. You’ll learn the simple procedure of filling out an application designed to get a quick approval… sometimes in as little as 24 hours. You’ll learn the difference between types of loans, types of lenders and types of approval techniques.

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10. Additional Person Trained
There is no better way to build a business fast than to get help right from the beginning. We allow you to bring a second person to the training at no additional charge. Many people start their businesses with a partner, spouse or key employee. This is the perfect opportunity to give that person a professional training at no cost.

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11. Your First 1,000 leads At No Cost
We provide you with your first 1,000 leads at no charge from the world’s finest lead procurement and list management company.
You will be able to download detailed information from businesses of any type, credit conditions and a host of other key information designed to make the process of marketing much more simplified.

While most other new brokers are shot-gunning prospects, we show you how to selectively target prospects so your phone rings steadily and all that’s left for you to do is say “YES”.

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12. Direct Access To A Superior Lead Generation Service And Guidance How Best to Optimize Their Service.
In addition to the 1,000 free leads we provide you with direct access to a leading lead generation service. Leads are the lifeblood of this industry and knowing who to use and how best to use them is essential. These "real time" lead generation companies have perfected the system of getting you leads from the moment you get home. 

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13. Training Manuals Prepared By Global and Each Lender
The Global manuals contain all of the information you will receive during your training and much, much more. They include how to start your business, get clients quickly, evaluate your clients’ needs and how to package and submit transactions for quick approvals.

We also give you guides that have been prepared by the funding sources you are approved to do business with, outlining exactly what they will approve, what they require, how to find clients and how you make money.

The most important thing in the business is to deal directly with the Lenders and not go through middle-men, so your pricing to your customers is competitive and your profits maximized. All of your Lenders will assist you with documentation, freeing you to pay attention to finding more business! Targeting is key and each of the lenders pays close attention to directing your efforts where they will be most productive.

You receive examples of all the forms and applications needed
to get funding for your clients. They are a perfect reference guide for the future.
Additionally you also receive power points of the entire training enabling you to easily review the intensive course materials at your leisure.

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14. Personalized Applications and Forms Software
We provide easy to use loan applications and forms on disc which are customizable with your firm name. This software allows you to easily fill out forms and in some cases calculate all of the parameters of a loan. Importantly, it makes your firm look well established and highly professional. These are printed from your computer, thus saving on printing costs as well. This proprietary package saves you time and money and presents you as a professional in the field.

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15. Customized Business Identity Package

We give you a personalized package of professionally printed stationary on high quality white linen stock with raised thermo-graphic letters that have a real air of “finance”. The package includes business cards, letterheads, envelopes… everything you need to start your finance company from day one. This package conveys professionalism, trust and confidence. Your clients will know you are a serious business-person when you make professional presentations..

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16. Hotel and Airfare Included
As part of your program, we include four nights at a premium Hotel near the historic Battery Park District, just a few blocks from Global's headquarters overlooking New York Harbor. You are going to be working hard while you are here. Why not enjoy New York in style. You will deserve its.(Note: we cover airfares up to a limit of $500)

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17. Dinner With The Global Team
Enjoy a delicious dinner at a beautiful restaurant with your classmates and training instructor that will give you the ”relaxed time” to compare notes, make more contacts and begin to build your support team.
This is an invaluable time to begin your networking industry experience and gain insights from professionals in the industry and your classmates. At times our lenders join us giving you an opportunity to create a friendly relationship with these important people.

We find this informal atmosphere really solidifies the camaraderie between new entrepreneurs. The food is pretty great too!

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18. Class Size and Personal Recommendations
We intentionally keep our class size small each month. If need be we would rather hold two smaller trainings in a given month than one large one even though our conference room can accommodate thirty people. By keeping the class size to about 5-10 people we are able to get to know each of you quite well. The result is to be able to make meaningful personalized recommendations based on your needs and strengths.

While most other new brokers are shot-gunning prospects, we show you how to selectively target prospects so your phone rings steadily and all that’s left for you to do is say “YES”.

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19. Transaction Review
When you first get started you will have many questions as to how best to fill out applications, what information you need, how to talk to the lenders. We offer free transaction reviews for you so you sail through this process easily. 

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20. Ongoing LIFETIME Support and Continued Education
We give lifetime support. Just pick up the phone. This is an important area to understand. We are here for you but you WILL want to establish your own relationships with your lenders who will become your friends and industry associates. These people will give you direct insights every day.  Depend on us and depend on them. We ALL want you to succeed!

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21. A Step By Step Agenda
It's the end of four intensive days. Your head is spinning with enthusiasm and opportunity. What do you do the minute you get home. Where do you start? No problem!

This is one of the most important benefits you will receive. We realize that getting a rapid start in this business is critical to your enthusiasm and success. When you leave the training you will have a step by step plan of action to follow.

From day one through the first six months you will know how to proceed with daily activities.

Just take this business one step at a time. Follow the guide. Put the time into your OWN FUTURE and realize the opportunity and dream of being your own boss!

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In Summary
With the solid training in financial consulting that you receive during the training program, you will sound professional to clients and lenders and the degree of success with which you obtain loans for your clients will be surprisingly easy.

1- You will have learned about a business that desperately needed by every other business in America and you will have seen how easy it is to target and capture them.

2- You will have been exposed to the broadest range of lending programs in the industry.

3- You will be clear on where to place your efforts so your income is large, stable and has unlimited upside potential.

4- You will have direct access to the industry's leading lenders.

5- You'll have a clear cut guide how to get started and have your phone ringing from day one.

6- You will be ready to change your life from one of insecurity and drudgery to one of excitement and a positive mindset where you are the master of your own destiny.

These tools, and the ability to pick up the phone and speak directly to our staff, or even Phil Dushey, our President, and seek their advice and gain their ongoing support is invaluable to getting you off to a quick start, in the highly profitable business of financial services.

If you have not already looked at the "Marketing Support" page now would be a great time to review what has been termed the "industry's most comprehensive marketing program" available today.

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Next Steps.....

Still have some questions? You are not alone. Click here for answers to <frequently asked questions>


*Note: Any examples as to how much money can be earned or typical commissions are for illustrative purposes only. They reflect in general how Certified Global Professionals receive commissions. Commissions vary by lender and market conditions and may change at any time. It is impossible to suggest exact individual earnings because any new business is dependent on the time and dedication you invest to make it succeed. Therefore Global Financial Training Programs and its parent. make no guarantees of any kind regarding return on investment, income, success or profitability of those attending and participating in the Global program.



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