The Global Difference

Making the decision to enter your own business is perhaps the most important decision you will ever make. Identifying which type of business may be difficult but deciding who assists you in getting into that business is critical. We intend to make that decision easy.


There really are only a handful of companies that do what we do and literally every one of them has copied some aspect of our training. The question you should ask is ... Why?

The answer is experience. No other company in this business has more continuous experience making actual loans and training people to enter this business than Global. Our training has been built on the solid base of direct experience...making loans for over 30 continuous years. The result is the best possible training in the industry. We have measured every aspect of our training. The length of time, the numbers of loans, the subjects covered, the lenders... literally every single part of our training has been carefully evaluated with one objective in mind. Your success... the ease with which you will be able to get started and the heights that you will be able to achieve.

For example, while other companies keep trying to sweeten the pie with additional days of training... from 3 to 4 to 5 or more .. we have actually evaluated what works best for our students. What are they able to absorb in their first go around so as not to suffer from information overload or be shortchanged. The anser is 4 days. Our testimonials prove it.

Our price has not changed since we started this program but times have so we have created methods of making it more affordable for our students. Our direct lenders have proven to be the best in the industry and you have more types of loans available to offer your clients than any other program.

We want you to make an informed decision. So we have provided an "apples to apples" comparison of Global and the other companies in this business. But don't stop there. Do your research. Call us. Ask tough questions. This is a critical moment in time for you and we want to make the decision as straight forward as possible. Take a look at the comparison below:


There is Nothing More Valuable Than Experience... and it Cannot be Faked.


Here is the simple fact. No other company has been doing what we do for as long as we have. It's that simple.

We live in a world that has come to embrace the concept of mentors and the importance of experience. Over 30 years ago we entered the loan brokerage business. We learned the hard way what worked and what did not. We continue to do that today and our training reflects every lesson learned. Along the way, it became very clear to us that there was more business than we could possibly handle, so we decided to share that knowledge with others. This was ground breaking territory. We didn't have others to imitate like some companies do today. We created the training from scratch and improved it every month. We learned the best lenders, the best business practices, the best loan types, all through hard work and decades of experience. No other company has been doing this as comprehensively and continuously as we have.


Other Companies

While many companies claim to have decades of experience the fact is that they do not. Their executives have combined many years of "business" experience but they have not continuously been in the commercial loan brokering business for near as long as we have. And here's the really telling fact. We can trace our competitors right back in time to the day they took our training before they decided to attempt to duplicate it. That fact alone says it all.  


When we talk about being in the trenches of commercial loan brokering for over 30 years we are not lumping several executives experience together. We've been making loans and teaching people how to enter this field longer than anyone else. More important, this is not some textbook learning experience. We started in the field by making loans and we continue to do it today. We learn every day what works and what doesn't. We test loan products, marketing tactics, communications techniques, every aspect of our business and we make it available to you. Our CEO, Phil Dushey has been a leader in the field for decades and is certainly one of the industry's icons. The better business bureau has given us an A+ rating and our students have realized extraordinary success.

Getting you Started the Minute You Enter the Business is Critical.


In our business people often make the mistake of thinking they have to sell or work very hard to get leads. In fact, with Global's system the opposite is true. We fully understand that thousands of businesses need money to survive and grow so we have perfected methods to simply let THOSE people know we have a solution to their problem, It's not selling or working hard. It's working smart! It starts with a time tested and proven marketing approach that integrates the cornerstones of traditional marketing with the emerging technologies of today's digital age.


We show you how to generate leads the minute you get back from the training. We give you 1,000 "pre-qualified" leads to work on from day one. Our training includes internet marketing, direct marketing, indirect marketing, free marketing, vendor marketing, email marketing, article marketing, PR, search engine marketing, and much more.


Each year your client list will grow so we show you how to market recurring types of financing to those same clients. Over time your business expands faster and deeper. There simply is no other company in this business that has this depth of knowledge and experience to share with you. It's important to carefully digest what other companies state as fact. If you do a careful analysis you will see some similarities but in the end it is impossible to fake experience. They either have it or they don't. In addition to our comprehensive marketing program and free leads we provide you with the following:

  • A custom identity/stationery package that includes business cards, envelopes, and letterheads in both paper and digital formats.
  • A state-of-the-art website of your own that is optimized and ready to market.
  • 1,000 leads to use from the world's foremost lead generation service.
  • Access to more real-time financing leads
  • Hands on experience with multiple sources of lead generation and the ability to precisely target industries, regions and specific businesses.
  • A comprehensive DVD that contains all necessary forms, legal documents, marketing materials, and applications that you will need to successfully operate your new business in addition to an array of links to third party applications that are proven to save you time and money.
  • Detailed training manuals that cover everything in our training and comprehensive lists of links to business services that will make your everyday business life more efficient and productive.
  • Lender manuals and service guides that show you exactly what the lenders are looking for. In this way you market what you know you can get approved quickly and effortlessly. There is so much more to show you however we are sure you get the idea. Our marketing program is comprehensive and proven. It works and has for over a decade.

Other Companies

Simply put we have the most comprehensive program in the industry. We don't brag that " No other program will give you pre-qualified leads that consist of businesses immediately needing your service and looking for your service. We guarantee it." We know they do because we showed them how.


The Right Mix of Products
We provide you with lending products that allow you to answer nearly any business need and more importantly we teach you how to offer recurring solutions for clients who have already realized that you are their "go to person" when it comes to financing needs.

It's most important for you to understand the process by which certain loan products become popular and others fall by the wayside. Our lenders are the best in the industry. They are professionals... primarily large companies, funds and institutions that do this every day. As the business climate changes certain types of financing are more appropriate than others. It's critical to have your hand on this "pulse" so you know what is and is not working. That's what these lenders are able to do. Because of their vast resources they have entire research departments that do nothing but take that pulse for you. They determine the best lending products. Unlike private investors they are not  limited in their cash reserves. They won't be in business one day and out the next. These lenders are large organizations that have committed themselves to this industry for decades. Simply put... you can rely on them to be there when you need them. Don't be mislead by claims of regulation on these lenders vs. private lenders. It's simply not accurate. These large institutional lenders are not regulated and operate under the same guidelines as wealthy individuals. They are just much larger, better organized and more reliable.


How We Teach You The Best Possible Mix Of Loan Progarms that Results in a Very Wide Range of Loan Types to Offer Your Clients.

The fact is there are literally hundreds of different types of loans. Teaching you every variation would be impossible in a brief period of time. So our program teaches you how to identify which core lending product a client needs and how to gather the important information from the client. Once you do that your lenders will guide the client to the best solution. And unlike other companies, your clients will always be yours, not the lenders. The lenders act as YOUR service arm. Below is a sampling of some of our core lending categories:

Accounts Receivable Financing - Factoring- Equipment Leasing - SBA Loans- Business Acquisition Financing - Franchise Financing - Medical Practice Loans - Working Capital Loans - Commercial Real Estate - Merchant Cash Advances - Sale Leasebacks - Stock Loans - Asset Based Financing - Project Financing - Bridge Loans - Hard Money Loans - Structured Settlement and Annuity Financing - Lines of Credit - Medical Accounts Receivable Financing - Medical Practice Acquisition - Venture Capital - Equity Financing - Business Acquisitions- Purchase Order Financing - Energy & Commodity Finance - Contract Financing - Commercial Real Estate Financing - Equity Financing - Mezzanine Financing - Unsecured Lines of Credit - Construction Financing - Joint Venture Capital - Mergers & Acquisitions - and many more.

Other Companies
Some companies specialize in only one or two types of financing while others give you a laundry list of every type of loan they can imagine. Some even "guarantee" that they will teach you various categories. However this does not guarantee that you will find that knowledge useful. If a loan category is not being actively financed by major lenders you are wasting your time learning for learning sake only. Don't be misled by big claims. Trust experience!


A Word About Mega Loans- $100MM or more

Some companies promote the fact that they teach mega-loans. Large loans of $100MM or more. We have three comments in that regard.1)  If they are accomplished in doing such loans why teach when they can build a billion dollar business easily by following their own advice. 2) do they have students that have completed such loans? 3) We do!

Mega loans are great to aspire to and spend a small portion of your time developing but they are NOT the bread and butter of the business. Can you make mega-loans once you graduate? Absolutely! One of our students closed a deal for $115 million. His commission on that deal was more than most people make in many years. But this definitely was NOT his focus. Like any smart businessman he learned to balance his efforts and focus on bread and butter deals that established his reputation as a successful financier and that's what brought him to a successful mega-loan.


A Word About Dealing Direct With Lenders
Once you complete our program, you will be approved to do business directly with lenders. Typically, these lenders require you to be in business for at least 3 years and have worked in the industry for 5 years or more. They waive those requirements for our students. More important you will actually meet many of these lenders face to face during the training. In these "lender sessions" they will guide you through the best products to market... those that close easily, are precisely targeted and very profitable.

Other Companies:
Some companies limit your exposure to lenders while others make you go through their back office where they split commissions. We do not split commissions. You work direct and you make vital industry contacts that will serve you for life. You learn hands on what is needed and what works. This experience is irreplaceable. There are no middlemen, you are in control of your client, the process is specifically designed to give you the greatest possible leverage.


A Well Organized Training Program That has Stood the Test of Time.
We've been perfecting our training program for a decade. We've been making commercial loans for three decades. That is the kind of experience you want when you decide on a training program. Did you ever see one of those ads for a get rich quick scheme. They show you twenty DVD's, dozens of books and materials and they take a huge fee for this kind of information claiming to make you rich... quick. Do you know what the problem is. They know it's TOO MUCH information. No one can use it or get through it, so they are safe.

They gave you what they promised but you weren't able to act.  And ACTION trumps everything!

That is exactly what we have worked very hard to avoid.

We have focused our training on critical ideas and information. Every month we work at making it easier to comprehend and act upon. We don't have you sit in a room from 8AM to 8PM for a week learning information you will never use. Instead we focus on what you MUST know to succeed. Our objective is to UNCLUTTER your mind. To allow you to focus from the minute you get back from the training.


This site has a complete section on the details of our training however what's important to understand is that we cover every subject that is needed... not only to enter the commercial loan brokering business... but to be in business... period. Best practices in every aspect of starting your new business. Tools needed. Communications techniques, a wide array of skills, basic business needs such as a website and branded materials.


Some people ask about the length of the training. Over our many years in this business we have experimented with many training time spans. It's been our direct experience that 4 days is optimal. More and our students walk out with information overload. Less and we can't communicate as much as we would like. But importantly, we are always there. As our students need a greater knowledge base or have questions weare there to provide that knowledge and assistance.


Other Companies:

Other companies either teach too narrow a field of information or spend too much time on a huge assortment of products that you are not likely to be able to sell. Let's look at real estate as a great example. Do you know what has happened in the real estate financing market? It would be hard to miss. Real estate financing has been more difficult than ever and don't allow yourself to be misled. If a potential client has adequate assets and resources to complete a large real estate project they are much more likely to go to one of the prime banking lenders than a broker. More than likely they already have finance companies that have been calling on them for years. Why waste your time? It's just not practical. What's most important is to learn the primary products and have resources that will always be there to support you. Which brings us to our last point...


Ongoing Support and Continuous Training


During the last part of the training we give you a point by point guide as to what to do the moment you return. But we know that you have just learned a great deal of information so we guarantee ongoing support and availability for as long as you need it. Our system is designed for full support. Our lenders must guarantee to us that they too will be available to you for additional support. Our service employees are well trained to coach you through transactions. Remember, we have been doing this for 30+ years so there is not one aspect of the business that we cannot address, not one question that cannot be answered.


And your information flow and education does not end with the training. As new products are introduced webinars and distance learning is provided to keep you up to speed on industry innovations. It is our goal to see you succeed and there is no better way than giving you ongoing support.


Other Companies:

This is a real puzzlement  to us. How can a company that has been in business for just a few years promise lifetime support. We don't believe they can but we can't say they won't try. The question is do you want to be the test case? Our history and our reputation proves that we are there for you for as long as you need us.


In Summary

We could go into far more detail regarding what we teach, how much you learn, why it's such a great course... all the information we teach about being in business and running a business on a day to day basis. The fact is this site is loaded with that information. The only real test is to give us a call and ask the tough questions. If a company says they do something better... challenge us to answer that issue. We are confident that once we have a dialogue that you will instantly see the difference in the manner in which we conduct business and the expertise we have gained over three decades. All of the aforementioned information is a brief summary of differences.

  • Review the site.
  • Convince yourself through research that this is the best time in business history to enter this lucrative field.
  • Realize that you could be arranging loans averaging $100,000 or more and making up to 15% commissions.
  • Understand that every business in America needs this service. Understand that you will be able to finance every kind of business regardless of their credit standing.

The flexibility and opportunity in this field is so broad and all you need is someone to show you the way. Give us a call. Explore this important  journey you are embarking upon.  We wish you much success and invite your questions.


Next Steps.....
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