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Frequently Asked Questions

What is at the heart of the Global program?

The heart of our program is your immediate approval with a long list of premium lending sources who are competitive within the industry.

In today's economy, most banks and lending institutions seem to have a lending policy to approve loans only for big businesses who do not need to borrow money. Additionally they are usually one dimensional and can only do limited types of financing to “A” credit clients (only 10% of all businesses). Our lenders are very aggressive in their pricing and can generally compete with the banks.

Additionally, our vendors are able to service “B” and “C” credit businesses (the majority of businesses-65%). People who realize that having capital is critical to their success. These customers welcome you as a solution to the constant problems they face and our lenders are very aggressive in this market generally paying higher commissions.

As a full-service finance company you will be able to meet most of your clients financial needs whether they need a loan for working capital, purchase new equipment, acquire a new business, restructure their current loans or whatever else their needs may be, you can do it all.

You will also be able to give them the personal service that they are lacking from the banks to discuss and achieve their short and long term financial goals.

There are very few financial consultants that specialize in satisfying the financial needs of small to medium size companies so the timing could not be better to be in this business. You do not invest your own money and are not responsible for the loan after it has been funded.

Your commissions are paid upon the closing of the loan. When you complete the training, you will be given a list of lenders that you are approved to do business with that should satisfy most of your client's needs. You will also be able to fund transactions with Global as well.

Entering this business could not be easier and you don't need prior experience.

You will complete our 4 day training in our New York offices and upon completion, you will be operating your own full service finance company.

The important thing you receive is our on going support to assure your business success. You'll be your own boss, but you won't be alone. Our professional staff will be besides you ensuring your success with training, encouragement and support. Your success is our success.

What is a certified global professional designation?

When you complete the Global Training you will receive a certificate designating you as a “Certified” Global professional showing both lenders and borrowers that you have completed the Global training program, and are knowledgeable in all types of business loans.

When you talk with clients or funding sources, it only takes about 5 minutes for them to know if a person knows what he or she is talking about.

Global's training program will prepare you with the financial knowledge and industry vocabulary so you can confidently converse with them in an intelligent manner and build solid relationships.

Most important…there will never be a question you can't answer because our professional staff is only a phone call away.

We asked Phil Dushey the president of Global: Who is Global and why should I participate in the program?


“I have been in the finance business for more than 30 years and formed Global after I was let go from the company I worked for because they were "Down Sizing". With very little money and not much experience, Global was started. What I did have…was the will to succeed and I was highly motivated to never have a boss again, so I would truly be in charge of my future.


Today Global is a full service finance company serving our clients nationally. We take pride in our services as being experts in determining and satisfying most of our client's financial needs. Unlike other companies that are giving courses on how to be in the finance business but don't do loans, Global is in the business of making loans daily. We teach you the practical way to be in the finance business rather than textbook theory.


With our many years of experience we know how to get clients quickly, analyze their transactions, and how to get them funded. One of the reasons we started this program, is because in the last years with all the layoffs and the weakening economy, we have been deluged with calls from people who want to be in charge of their future and enter the finance business, but have no experience.
Global has developed this training program so people with no prior experience in the finance business can succeed and start making money. Our program includes everything that you need to be in your own business.
Must I quit my current job or can I do this part time?

It is up to you to determine how much time you want to devote to this business. You can set your own schedule and income goals for the business.

Importantly, many people do not want to leave their current situation until they are secure in their future direction. This is one of the few businesses where you can literally get started on a part time basis with a cell phone, address and work part time while you transition over to a more lucrative rewarding lifestyle.

The choice is yours. The one thing we recommend is that you set a fixed schedule each week which you will devote to the business. In many cases a husband and wife, or friends work the business together, so it is run full time, but each person works part time.
Do i need to open an office?

This business is a perfect home based business and does not require the high expenses related to an office.

Most transactions in the finance business are handled over the phone, fax or Internet, keeping your expenses low and your profits high.

With minimal office requirements you keep all of the commissions you earn! The business is really so simple, little overhead and very few complicated expenses are involved. Fact is, this is a “0” employee business if you choose it to be so!
Is this a franchise?


NO. This is NOT a franchise. It is a “training program”. We do not charge franchise fees or royalty fees each month.

When you complete the training, you use your own business name and do business anywhere in the country you want. This is your own business to operate in any manner you choose. There are absolutely no restrictions on how or where you operate your business. Do not misunderstand this statement. WE ARE THERE TO HELP ALWAYS. But you are the master of your own destiny and we do not limit your success by taking any continuing fees.

You will see very quickly how your business expands out of your area. After you complete our program there is never any additional charge.

How much money can I earn?

Earning a six figure income and having a good lifestyle is not difficult but the real question is how much do you want to make? This is a field with no limitations on income. It’s up to you and how hard you want to work. Earning money and lifestyle choice go hand in hand. Do you want more time or more money? We will teach you how to work smart not hard…make more money and have more free time.

In America, thousands of people are going into business everyday and they all need financing. With the Lenders you are approved to do business with, you can complete just about any type of financing your customer may need, as long as the deal makes sense. Let’s look at just a few ways you make money.

1. Transaction based one time fees
In the industry we often talk about points you can earn; 1 point = 1% of the total equipment cost.
  • Equipment Leasing you can earn up to 15 points of the total cost.
    Example: $50,000 equipment loan at 15%=$ 7,500
  • Medical Working Capital Loans can bring in up to 8 points.
    Example: $75,000 loan at 8% = $6,000
  • SBA Loans can bring you 2-3% of the loan amount which may range from $75,000 to $750,000 or a $15,000 commission.
  • And these are but a few examples.
You can clearly see if you only do 2-3 transactions a month how much you can make.
The point is you don’t need to do a lot of transactions each month to be very successful.
2. On Going Income With Vendors

By developing a relationship with Vendors (suppliers of equipment) you are creating a sales force with no overhead. As they sell their equipment and their customers need financing, they are sending you transactions. You become their in-house finance company and help them increase sales while increasing your own profits.

Vendors should easily be able to send in five to ten transactions a month and in some cases much more. So, you can see that if you work with your Vendors you will see the dollars add up quickly simply by answering the phone or reading a faxed application. This is what the industry calls a residual income. Money you make each year with little further effort.

An example: a vendor sells $50,000 piece of equipment. You make 5% or $2,500. That same vendor sells 3-5 pieces of equipment each month. In your first year you should be able to open up 3 to 5 vendors....once again, you do the math!
3. Ongoing Commissions with clients

Accounts receivable financing or factoring is probably one of the most needed types of financing for businesses especially newer businesses not yet established. When a company goes into business selling a product or providing a service they invoice the company and usually wait sixty to ninety days to get paid. This is a real problem for the business owner because they need cash flow to operate their business.

You will be able to provide them with financing where the funding source will lend them up to 80% of the outstanding invoices and get paid back when the customer pays the invoice.

An example, $100,000 invoice x 80% = $80,000.00 loan to the businessman. This means the company can borrow $80,000.00 to be used in their business until the customer pays the invoice at which point the customer gets the balance due to him.

The way you make a lot of money is you share the profits the Lender makes on each account every month. The Lenders will pay you between 10% to 15% a month of their profits. That is every month for as long as your client finances with the Lender.

One of our Lenders states that if all your clients together have one million dollars outstanding each month you should earn between six and eight thousand per month. One million sounds like a lot but if you divide that between three or four clients it adds up pretty quickly. This is also an example of residual income. You sell them once and they pay you for years.

And there are many more ways to make money which we outline in transactions you can fund.

In other words you define your own success, your own degree of effort, your own lifestyle!

Whether you want to make $60,000, $100,000, or $200,000 or more the opportunity is there. The finance business is such that you can truly earn what you want. The opportunities are limitless.

Do I need experience to be in this business?


NO. We will teach you how to be your own boss and run your own business.

We will supply you funding sources, industry knowledge, and vocabulary to convey professionalism and build solid relationships with your clients and funding sources.

You don't need prior experience - just the desire to be your own boss, the ability to learn good people skills, and the passion to succeed and make money.

Am I ever at financial risk?

NO. That is the best part of this business. Your job is to find the customers, and make the presentations to the lender. The lender makes the credit decision and funds the transaction. When the transaction is funded you receive your commission and you are off to the next transaction. Should a transaction go bad you will not have to return any of your commissions.

How do I get lenders and why will they do business with me?

You are immediately and automatically approved with premium lenders the minute you graduate from your class.

You will be approved with lenders that should satisfy most of your clients' needs immediately upon completion of the program. All pre-requisites are waived! All of the lenders have WAIVED these requirements because you have completed the Global training program. You do not have to go through any credit checks or background checks whatsoever!

Don’t underestimate the importance of this! Usually, getting lenders to do business with a new broker is actually difficult. Most lenders want them to have at least 3 years in business, very good references and must go through an extensive background check for brokers to supply them with the transactions. They do this because new brokers do not know how to analyze and present transactions properly.

The biggest reason why lenders want to do business with you is that they know you are well trained and since many do not have direct marketing departments and brokers like yourselves supply them with transactions. You find and qualify the client so you make their work much easier. Many lenders today rely strictly on brokers to bring in good business.

How do I get the customers?


This is probably the best question on the list.

Most new brokers feel the most difficult part of being in the business is getting clients. You will learn nothing is further from the truth and we cover this in great detail during day three.

The most critical time in the success of your business is in the first 45-60 days. We show you how to get the right kind of clients and make money quickly to get your business off to a successful start. We will show you how to get clients utilizing tried and proven methods that Global, as well as other leading financial institutions, have used over the years.

You will have the ability to put together a well-balanced advertising program and pinpoint the type of clients you want to reach. If you develop your program properly, you will get clients quickly.

<Want to know more about marketing click here>

How much money can I make on each transaction?

Generally you can earn between 3 – 10% of each loan you place and in some cases even more, but they vary with each lender. In addition to the fees you receive when funding the transaction, there are many other ways you make money and during the training we go into greater detail.

Additionally you will be able to cultivate residual income sources, where you earn money from the same client over and over each year; Vendor relationships where sellers of heavy equipment send you leads on a regular monthly basis; and much more that is covered in depth during your training.

How much does this program cost?


The cost of our program is $19,950.

The program includes everything you need to be in business. For the four-day training in New York you will enjoy 4 nights of luxury hotel accommodations, meals during training, and a special dinner at a high-quality restaurant with your training instructor.

Upon completion of the program you’ll be set up with your own customized website, personalized stationery package with your name and your company name, a forms disk and a marketing disk which provides everything you need to start your business. After training we provide ongoing support. When you complete the training you will leave with the ability to give someone you business card, direct them to your website, and even get their financing requests approved.

You should start operating your business the day after you complete the training, because the quicker you start, the quicker you start earning money.
Can I bring another person to the training program or is there an additional charge?


YES! You are allowed to bring one additional person to the training at no additional charge. Many people start this business with another person such as a spouse, child, cousin or a friend, and we think that is a great way to start your business if you do not want to leave your current job.
What is my next step?

If, after reviewing all our material, you feel that the Global Program is something you would like to do, please Click here and fill out the no obligation prospective broker profile, or better yet give us a call at 201.633.3010 and let’s talk.

If we both feel we have a fit, and you are ready to change your life and start a new business, let's get started and put you on the road to earning a high annual income that you deserve.

Please contact us at 201.633.3010 or our President Phil Dushey, because we believe "if you are going to make a career change and go into a new business, speak to the person behind the company".
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Frequently Asked Questions

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