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We Teach What We Have Learned Over 30+ Years.

Because we are in the commercial lending business, we see changes every day that are constantly incorporated into our training. Having built three successful finance companies we know exactly what it takes to start a business, find the right sources of money and easily find clients. That's why we are considered the premier training program in the lucrative field of commercial finance. In this section we provide a partial summary of what we cover in our four day intensive training course. In the next section you will learn the actual transactions you can fund, the average size of deals and the large fees you make on these transactions.


Basic Business Requirements

We start with the basics of being in business; what you need to get started, how to structure your business, time management, setting and achieving goals, creating a business plan, identifying niche opportunities. This is the nuts and bolts portion of running a business. It doesn't matter how successful you are, you must structure your business properly, organize your efforts, understand accounting principles and operational issues. Business can be more complicated today than ever before or far simpler. Our methodology highlights how to keep it simple. Remember, This is a business that can be run part or full time, from home or an office and each method requires a slightly different set of skills and knowledge. We advise you on every aspect of getting your business et up and running properly.


Industry Information

We train you about the industry:

• Each type of financing that you can provide and there are over 30.
• Step by step how each works and when to use one or the other.
• How to quickly identify a client's needs. How to focus on their first need with an eye on what you will be able to provide to that same client going forward.
• What the difference is between one time transactions and recurring transactions and how to "mine" for that residual gold that will yield profits every month and every year.
• The industry sub-culture. Clients that are service professionals in other disciplines who can direct business to you on a regular basis.
• How to develop vendor business that can serve as an ongoing source of revenues month in and month out from each client.
• The unique industry vocabulary so you sound like a "pro" to both clients and lenders.

You'll learn the simple procedure of filing an application designed to get a quick approval. You'll learn the difference between various types of loans, types of lenders, types of approval techniques. This is an intensive education in an industry that can yield extraordinary earnings year after year.


Meet the Lenders

The key to your success is unlimited capital availability, knowing what lenders are best for what types of situations and knowing "HOW" to talk to these lenders. Each industry segment uses slightly different jargon. Knowing that jargon instantly communicates to the lender the depth of your knowledge and the fact that should take you very seriously. During the training we introduce you to key lenders in the field who can provide the widest possible scope of lending activities.

You will be able to finance transactions with these lenders from $5,000 to more than $500 million. You will be able to get approvals in 24 - 72 hours.

You will meet lenders from all around the country. They tell you the latest trends in financing, the easiest products to market, and the best sources for clients. They walk you through the process of loan approvals, which in many cases is surprisingly simple.


Approved With Lenders

From the minute you finish the training you are approved with premium lenders to allow you to do business starting from day one.


Make no mistake about the importance of this. Without this training you would have to spend at least 3 years in the business before these lenders would work with you.


Upon completion of the training you are automatically approved by them to do business. Many people ask why our lenders do this. Because they have had many years of positive experience with our graduates and therefore take our graduates most seriously. They are there to support you every day because they know if you make money, they make money!


The industry is constantly evolving and it is vital that you have the latest trends, a personal connection to people with their "ear to the ground" and these lender contacts will be invaluable as you progress in your business.


Communication Skills

We role play with you so you get comfortable with questions, objections and answers. We'll teach you how to "get" a client's story quickly, and identify the right lender for the client. When you get out of the training, you will graduate with the confidence that you know what you are talking about, and you'll be able to sound like a veteran of the industry for 20 years.



Working Smart Not Hard

We'll show you how to work "smart" not hard. And working smart, in this business, is knowing how to target your best prospects and how to convert the highest percentage of applicants into financed loans. Working "smart" is also NOT working long tedious unproductive hours. Its making the most money in the shortest possible time frame. This is NOT a 10 hour a day business. The vast majority of business can be conducted over the phone during normal business hours. No need to be tied down to an office. We'll show you the simple tools of the trade. We'll teach you how just a few hours a day can harvest hundreds of leads and dozens of deals.


Marketing and What to do From the Day You Leave the Training

We teach you how to find unlimited sources of clients. This is covered in depth in another section.

Many people ask us about the number of potential clients and why they simply don't go to the bank for financing. Think about it. Banks don't take risks. They finance businesses that have "A+" credit. Businesses that really don't need the money. And that's the top 10%. The bottom 20% are too risky for most lenders.


That leaves 70% of all businesses in America that are your potential clients and who you know will qualify with our lenders. Importantly, your money is never at risk. Once the loan is approved and funded, you are paid by the lender immediately. If a borrower does not pay the lender you keep your commissions.


So there is no shortage of potential clients. But how do you find them. We'll start you with 1,000 active qualified leads. We'll teach you how to get thousands more; how to find clients using the latest technology-technology that lets you work smart not hard.


In one week, you'll be able to access what it took years for us to find. You'll get every tool needed to market. You'll learn what works and what not to waste your money on. You'll get an agenda to follow step by step. In the next few sections of this site, you'll learn about more of the tools we provide, but first let's discuss a very important aspect of the training!


Ongoing Sources of Income-Working Smart not Hard and Assuring an Easy Retirement

This is a simple yet critical concept for you to comprehend and the key to an eventual and easy retirement. Vendors who sell equipment!

Have you ever met a salesperson who does not have to support their family, make more sales, and earn more money? Of course not!

Vendors (or equipment suppliers) are a continuing source of business. When you walk into a dealership how many salespeople do you see? You are an invaluable tool to make more sales for those men and woman! Every day they loose sales because a perfectly lendable client could not get approved through the vendor's limited credit resources. They literally turn dozens of clients away every week. Clients that might be in the market for a $100,000 piece of machinery.

Imagine developing a relationship with a single vendor who sells $50,000 pieces of equipment. Let's say you are conservatively making a commission of 5% or $2,500. What if he only sells 3 to 5 units a month and throws that business your do the math! It's like having your own sales force without having to pay them!


Now think about developing relationships with two, three or five such vendors. Do you think you could establish a relationship with a few vendors in your first year? How many over the course of the next five years. They need you more than you need them. Once again...just do the math! This is truly an incredible opportunity. And the really great news is that once you secure a number of these vendors and create an effective service back end you can literally retire and let the business run itself or simply sell the business because it is assured of ongoing revenues.


A Step By Step Guide To Follow The Day You Get Back

All the knowledge in the world is useless unless you ACT on it. And the reason most people do not act is that they simply get too much information and are lost when they return home. A step by step guide is critical to taking those first baby steps when you come back from the training,. And that's exactly what we provide for you. Step by step what to do during day one, week one and on. But we don't stop there. You are going to have questions. Lots of them!. So we are here for you as long as you need us with "lifetime support". Here to answer questions, help close deals, submit appropriate materials. Our job is your success. Don't let this mislead you. Like any good teacher we want you to learn how to walk on your own and the quicker you are able to do that the better for you since you will develop your own deep connections with your lenders who ultimately will be your best source of advice. But during that training period we are there for you when you need us. And, if you call us three years later we'll still be there for you.
<Lets take a look at exactly what types of loans you will be able to provide to your customers and vendors ...Click here>


In Summary.

As a result of our close 30+ year relationship with leading lenders we have "reverse engineered" a type of marketing that starts with the desired outcome (an approved loan) and works backward to the point of first contact with the client. We then formulate a marketing approach that is specifically targeted to that client with a message that is uniquely formulated to drive the benefits home in a actionable way. Here's how it works.

Global Views The Business From The "Eyes of the Lender"

  • Global has been a lender and broker for decades doing transactions nationwide every day.

  • We speak to lenders as a regular part of our business. We deal with client problems of every kind. As a result the Global training program has been developed through the "eyes of a lender."

  • There are other companies that teach you how to enter the finance business who have never actually had the experience of getting clients or funding transactions. They are like business school professors that never deal with clients…just theory.

  • We take the exact opposite approach. We "STUDY" our lenders first…their needs…what they are willing to fund. By knowing in advance what they WANT to approve, we immediately know what type of business to "target our marketing efforts to".

  • This is quite different than going after everyone (the shotgun method of marketing) and hoping there is a lender out there who will approve the deal. That's why our success rate is so high and why our lenders are so willing to accept our graduates immediately as "approved" brokers.


    We Provide Every Type Of Financing A Business Might Need-In Our "CORE" Transaction Curriculum TM

  • Some companies only teach "equipment leasing". Others teach but do not create a direct relationship between you and lenders while others say they teach dozens or even hundreds of loan types but in actuality have very limited direct experience.

  • We have made every type of loan imaginable ranging from small to large business loans, commercial real estate, large scale projects, acquisitions and every other type of loan a company may need. We have done it all and continue to do so for over our 30 years. Importantly, when we say 30 years we are talking about 30 continuous years… not the cumulative experience of executives like other companies.

  • As a result we have identified the "CORE" lending types that are easy to learn and represent nearly every need a business could have. Once you have learned these "CORE" transactions <see transactions you can fund> than you are able to provide hundreds of other creative lending solutions.


THIS IS A CRITICAL CONCEPT. Learn too much during the training and you leave bewildered. Learn too little and you leave without a clear roadmap. Learn our "CORE" transactions which we cover in depth and you are able to give a client an affirmative "YES" when they have a business need.


Meet The Lenders In Person

During the training you will meet some of your lenders in person and via teleconference. You will hear first hand what business they are seeking. They will tell you who to go after and how to talk to them. They will give you a clear and concise "roadmap" to follow in targeting your marketing to the easiest prospects to close. This is all part of our reverse engineered targeted marketing.


Our Targeted Marketing Approach Is Based On The Latest Available Technology

When you complete the Global Broker Training program, you will have all the tools and knowledge necessary to start making money and building a business quickly and easily. You will know how to get your phone ringing within the first few days.


A famous slogan sums it up "How can you teach someone to swim if you don't know how to swim".

We know what it takes to get clients, quickly, analyze their needs, get transactions funded, know the objections (and answers) and make money. We teach you our tried and proven methods that we use everyday. We are “swimming” in the commercial loan brokering business every day.




<Lets take a look at exactly what types of loans you will be able to provide to your customers and vendors ...Click here>

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