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Put simply, Global offers you the most comprehensive variety of loan programs and financial instruments with more variations than any other firm in the industry.
Global's program is structured to uniquely solve nearly any commercial financing need. With over 30 "core loan products" and literally hundreds of variations on those products you will be far better positioned to solve your clients financing needs than even the largest banks in America. In fact you will have a notable advantage over banks as they MUST turn away 90% of their applicants due to stringent banking regulations that don't affect you.


Immediately Approved With Lenders

Upon completion of the course, you are pre-approved with national lenders to provide this full range of financial services, commercial loans and more complex deals including large commercial real estate transactions and business acquisitions.

This is an important key to your success. You will develop lifetime relationships with clients whose needs will vary from year to year. This will provide you with ongoing opportunities to make money from the same client over and over. Best of all, this is a very simple and easy process.
Often times, applications are one page, and a transaction is usually approved in 48 hours or less.


A Simplified Way to Learn the Many Loan Types

Most important we have organized our curriculum into an easy to understand set of "core loan products" that allow you to easily answer a client's needs immediately while having the flexibility to customize the loan instrument to suit the exact situation.  The list below provides a summary of loans, their typical size and the commissions you earn from each. It's very impressive. Understand that it represents a fraction of what you will have to offer. Think through the size and scope of the opportunity facing you. Whether you are making small loans of around $25,000 or large Mega-Loans like one of our students who closed a loan of $115 million you will have a solution. And with commissions up to 15% that is a great deal of income.

Below is a Sampling of the Types of Loans You Will Be Able To Offer


Commercial Real Estate and Real Estate Development Loans

Banks typically are not willing to finance real estate development projects due to the high associated risk. That means that easily 50-70% of applicants for these types of loans must seek alternative solutions when they are turned down by banks. These projects are usually large (up to $175MM) and yield very large fees to the loan broker. Global teaches many alternative methods of satisfying this growing need with a variety of loan types ranging from debt/equity, baloon payments, negotiable amortization schedules and interest only solutions. We show you how to target these developers who are in need of solutions every day.

  • Finance any type of commercial real estate regardless of credit

  • Finance owner occupied real estate with as little as 10% down

  • Finance any type of property: Raw land, apartment buildings, self storage, retail, mixed use, churches, marinas, office buildings and more.

  • Close loans from $100,000 to $50 million or more

  • Close in as little as one week

 Typical commission: 1-3%
Typical transaction size: $20-175 million
Typical approval time: 1-4 months (approvals typically can be completed in 1 month, funding follows)

Accounts Receivable Financing and Factoring

All businesses and professionals (Manufacturers, Doctors, Lawyers, Specialists), whether they sell merchandise or perform a service, usually must wait 90-120 days to get paid after they send an invoice. This creates a cash flow shortage in their business or practice. You will be able to provide a line of credit of up to 90 % of the invoice, so they have the cash flow they need to pay suppliers, payroll, rent, etc.. You can do start-ups or established businesses. Importantly you will receive ongoing residual income each month for the life of the loan.


Typical commission: 2-3% of the initial line of credit and
On-going income (10-15% of the lenders profit) each month for the life of the loan
Typical transaction size: $100,000-4 million *
Typical approval time: 3-7 days

Factoring/Purchase Order Financing

Factoring is a key component in the production of goods worldwide. When a manufacturer receives a valid order from a customer they must finance the production of those products. Often times they must pay for raw materials, shipping and handling long before an invoice is ever issued. In this case they turn to factoring as a solution.

The  manufacturer presents the valid purchase order from the customer and our lenders approve the production costs based on the final "buyers" credit worthiness. This is especially good for companies that are growing rapidly and have been accepted by major retailers and chains.  Often times large buyers "insist" that a factoring arrangement be in place before they will issue a purchase order.

This loan type is especially good for you as it is on-going and many of the traditional solutions, like banks, are making it more difficult to secure factoring.


Typical commission: 5-10% of the amount financed
Transaction size unlimited: Typical amounts: $10,000-1,000,000+ *
Typical approval time: 48-72 hours

Equipment Leasing

This is by far the largest growing segment of financing in the country. This year, it is estimated that U.S. companies will finance more than $500 billion of equipment. Rather than a company having to pay cash for new equipment draining valuable cash reserves, they can finance the equipment with a “no money down” lease. This is NOT considered a loan and therefore does not reduce their available credit elsewhere. In fact it can literally increase the credit standing of a company. Today the need for additional construction equipment is skyrocketing due in part to growth but also in part rebuilding after natural disasters. Contractors need financing solutions.

You will work with the private customers, companies and vendors that sell the equipment. In most cases, the vendors who sell the equipment  need you more than you need them. You are giving these vendors a finance program to offer to their customers, which translates into more sales. In effect, you’re giving them a program to grow their business. This is tremendously important. These vendors must finance through people like yourself because bank approvals are very difficult . The sales staff of vendors need a solution and can direct several deals a month to you. Imagine spending just 20% of your time opening a vendor client. Open 5 in one year and you have enough residual ongoing business from these sources to literally provide for a six figure income.


Typical commission: 6-15% of the amount financed
Transaction size unlimited: Typical amounts: $10,000-500,000+ *
Typical approval time: 24-72 hours

Sale and Lease-back Programs

Companies are always looking for additional working capital. Most companies don’t realize they have a source of financing sitting in their business in the form of machinery and equipment. You will be able to determine the existing equipment they own, finance it so they have working capital, and give them low monthly payments to repay the loan. This type of loan is called "sale and lease-back". It’s simply refinancing equipment they own. Best of all these types of loans pay up to 15% commissions and are NOT dependent on credit ratings. Companies love this because most banks don’t do this type of financing, placing your company in a premium position to capture new business. Remember. It does not matter which program gets "your foot in the door". Once you have a client you have a huge assortment of products to answer their needs for years to come.


Typical commission: 5-15% of the loan amount
Typical transaction size: $100,000-1 million or more *
Typical approval time: 24-48 hours

Note: These are typical transaction sizes. There really is no limit on loan size given correct conditions

Business Acquisition Financing and Mergers

Given the current business environment, there are many opportunities for healthy companies and individuals to acquire other companies at bargain-basement prices. We teach you how to help your clients acquire companies by leveraging or refinancing the assets of the company they want to acquire. In simpler terms, they can buy the company with the company’s own money, while expending very little cash of their own. This is a very active and lucrative market. In fact there are cases where several companies in a particular industry have been acquired and consolidated. When this takes place the resultant assets often cover a good portion of the acquisition.


Typical commission: negotiable, but usually 1- 3% of the amount financed and a small amount of equity in the company.
Typical transaction size: usually $500,000- $20 million *
Typical approval time: 2 weeks

Franchise Funding

Some companies consider this a separate classification of loans. In some ways it is only because the lenders already have most of the information they need to complete the loan. They are familiar with the franchise needs and expectations and only have to evaluate the individual acquiring the franchise. And while most banks shy away from this category you will find this is an easier loan to arrange than most other start up businesses. Our lenders are experts in this field and you can arrange loans of up to $1,000,000 making commissions of up to 4% from this activity. Importantly there is a silver lining to these loans. Oftentimes as a loan gets paid down the franchisee decides to expand with additional outlets of like type franchises. Now the lender is familiar with both the franchise and the franchisee creating an excellent source of repeat business for you.


Typical commission: negotiable, but usually 2- 4%
Typical transaction size: usually $150,000-$1 million *
Typical approval time: 2-4 weeks

Venture Capital

There is a movement going on across America. It's a rebirth of entrepreneurship and venture capital is one of the cornerstones of this movement. It's hard to speak in a crowd of people without hearing about a new venture being started, a young company struggling to grow or what the latest "hot" product is.

Venture capital is simply the process of investing in early stage companies, obtaining in return for that risky investment a significant portion of the company's equity and most often is done as a combination of debt and equity.

In essence it is a "joint venture" between the company founders and the venture firm. Naturally there are various points during this process where financing is required. And that's where you come in. You will be prepared to "marry" the partners in the venture and realize significant rewards as these deals can be many millions of dollars.

Typical commission: 1% to 5%
Typical transaction size: Up to $75,000,000
Typical approval time: 4-12 weeks

Debt Restructuring

Many companies today are strapped with high monthly payments for different loans they have acquired over the years. You will be able to refinance all of their loans into one convenient loan, and arrange one low monthly payment. In most cases, their monthly payments are reduced by 30% or more.


Typical commission: 3- 10% of the loan amount
Typical transaction size: usually $100,000-$5 million or more *
Typical approval time: 1 week

Commercial Bridge Loans (Hard Money Loans)

Many times a company is approved for a loan at their bank or financial institution, but the loan will not close for 4-6 months, and they need the money sooner. During that time, you can provide a short-term or “bridge” loan, which is paid when the senior loan closes so they can satisfy their capital needs immediately. You can also provide loans to businesses that have run into hard times and need some working capital, pay tax liens, or for any other purpose. In today's hot entrepreneurial marketplace this is the perfect solution for companies "in-between" financing rounds eager to use working capital to meet investor expectations.

Other times a project is near completion and need short term funds to finish the job.  Importantly, the loan is not based on the client's credit  but rather the assets of the project. These loans can be quite large and are able to close very rapidly.


Typical commission: 3- 5% of the amount financed
Typical transaction size: $300,000-100 million+ *
Typical approval time: 7-10 days

Church Financing Program

Churches are constantly growing and Pastors understand that to grow their congregation they need to keep up with modern technologies and furnishings. Money is often the biggest problem. You can finance any equipment a church or religious organization needs: pews, media systems, pianos, organs, air conditioning units, etc. This is a great niche, because most banks will not finance a small-to-medium sized church. You can finance any type of church, whether they are just starting up or established for many years. Global is one of the largest financiers of churches nationwide. This is a great way to start, as there is very little competition … you can begin to make money immediately!


Typical commission: 5% of the loan amount
Typical transaction size: $10,000-200,000 *
Typical approval time: 24 hours

Medical Practice Acquisition Financing

One of the most active areas of finance is the medical arena. You can provide financing to medical professionals (doctors, dentists, veterinarians, etc.) to acquire existing medical practices. Each year thousands of medical professionals, physicians, surgeons, dentists, veterinarians, chiropractors and specialists retire and sell their practices or simply need working capital to grow.
 You can provide financing up to $2,000,000 for medical professionals to acquire these practices, and in most cases, with no money down.


Typical commission: 3-8% of the loan amount
Typical transaction size: $75,000-1 million *
Typical approval time: 24 hours

Medical Practice Equipment Financing

You also can do loans to medical professionals to finance their existing equipment or new equipment. It is common knowledge that medical equipment is priced at a premium and these types of loans can be quite sizable. Additionally, you will be able to provide working capital signature loans up to $250,000 that can be used to upgrade their facilities, expand their practice, update equipment, pay taxes or for any purpose they want.

With a 1 page application, a Medical professional can get up to $250,000 in working capital with a one day approval and funding in just 3 days. These high-demand loans close very quickly and earn you high commissions.


Typical commission: 3-8% of the loan amount
Typical transaction size: $75,000-1 million *
Typical approval time: 24 hours

SBA Loans

SBA loans are probably the most misunderstood loans. Most people think SBA loans take 6 months to complete. Our lenders approve SBA loans in less than 8 weeks! They are the most convenient way for a small business to obtain financing and our SBA sources are the finest in the industry having proven superior approval rates and speed of completion.

For business-people; the loans can be used to purchase a business, or buy a building that a business-person is currently paying rent on. They can get working capital, new equipment or refinance existing debt…all with very little money down.

For medical professionals; they can buy a practice or expand their business, buy a building or renovate it, get working capital or equipment with NO MONEY DOWN.
SBA loans are the best and most economical way to finance franchises and hundreds of franchises are already pre-approved. Doing a loan with the SBA or through a local bank can be tedious and time consuming and your clients will be delighted to have your assistance in this area. You will be able to “cut through the red tape” for them and help them navigate this sometimes complex process and that means more business for you.


Typical commission: 1-3% of the loan amount
Typical transaction size: $200,000-2 million *
Typical approval time: 2-4 weeks

Easy Pay Credit Card Advances

This is one of the most outstanding and simplest programs available today. Most businesses that deal with the public accepts credit cards. And most of these businesses need “opportunity” money from time to time.

Now they can get it, regardless of their credit score, with a one page application and approvals in 48 hours. No tax returns. No asset documentation. No personal Guarantees or financials.

Most important the repayment process is variable based on the clients credit card monthly receipts. If business is bad one month they pay back less. If business is good they pay back a bit more.

It’s a sliding payment scale that makes it “Easy to Pay”. Here’s how it works. You will be able to advance up to 120% of a business’s monthly credit card receipts. If a business does $100,000 in credit card receipts each month you can advance them up to $120,000. Easy! Some programs even include cash receipts as part of the total. They can use it to buy needed equipment, to hire new employees, to remodel or for anything they want.

This is without question one of the easiest loans to sell. Best of all it’s a recurring process with recurring commissions. Most clients who use this once will renew the advance on average 3 more times.


Typical commission: 4- 8% of the amount financed
Typical transaction size: $20,000-150,000+ *
Typical approval time: 48 hours Recurring income opportunity

Project Financing Up To And Exceeding $100 Million

You will be able to fund a wide assortment of large scale projects up to and exceeding loans of $100 million that can be executed either in one stage or multiple stages. These are the types of loans that banks shy away from. It falls more into the area of investment funds and venture capital organizations.

Examples of such projects might be a large real estate development; industrial parks, extending manufacturing facilities, acquisition opportunities, major purchases of high end machinery, medical equipment, purchase of a franchise, mezzanine financing... literally any project that is very large can be considered in this category.

These loans are secured through large investment banking firms, hedge funds and other funding sources which are not subject to banking regulations making you the answer larger business people are looking for.


Typical commission: 1- 3% of loan amount
Typical Transaction size: $3,000,000 to $100,000,000 or more
Approval Time: Varies based on project size and complexity
1 - 6 months

Alternative Energy Financing

Today, more than ever before, there are substantial incentives to use alternative energy. These projects can be very costly but reap rewards to the end user for many years. Naturally there is a need to finance these reasonably large projects and one of our lenders specializes in exactly that. Typically the assets of the project act as collateral for the loan.

Other times a project is near completion and need short term funds to finish the job.  Importantly, the loan is not based on the client's credit  but rather the assets of the project. These loans can be quite large and are able to close very rapidly.


Typical commission: 1-2% of the amount financed
Typical transaction size: $$1 million-100 million+ *
Typical approval time: 4 weeks

Repossessed Equipment Financing

You will be provided with access to hundreds of types of equipment in dozens of industry classifications that you can provide to your clients and finance.

 Our Internet access to the nationwide pool of available repossessed equipment gives you the opportunity to target and sell nearly any type of business. These loans are quickly approved (24-48 hours) and easy to transact. Your website will be a one stop shop for industries needing specialized equipment.

Best of all this equipment is financeable even if your clients have been turned down by banks which means you have an opportunity to make money both selling the equipment and financing it.

 Some of the categories include but are not limited to construction equipment of all types, trailers, car wash equipment, specialized manufacturing equipment and much more.


Typical commission: 3% of loan amount
Typical Transaction size: $50,000 to $1,000,000 or more
Approval Time: 24-48 hours

Stock Loans

A stock loan is simply when you lend money against securities the client already owns. The result is immediate access to capital without selling or margining any shares for cash. It requires no personal guarantee on the loan and is secured by the stock portfolio; therefore. It is a true Non-Recourse loan. The only loan approval consideration is the value of the stock. The client's current credit is not an approval issue.  Importantly, these loans are relatively inexpensive for your clients.  You will be able to provide interest rates as low as 3% and provide a loan of up to 80% of the total stock's value.

There are also programs that allow a client to borrow from their restricted stock and also help shareholders of options and warrants to convert them into stock which eliminates the need to pay out-of-pocket, nor the need to sell shares to facilitate the cashless feature of the underlying security.


Average Commission: 5%
Transaction Size: $150,000 to Unlimited
Approval Time: Under 4 hours

Unsecured Business Loans

In today's economic environment, banks are no longer able to lend money to the wide variety of businesses they have in the past. Capital for expansion, start-ups, debt consolidation and working capital all qualify for these types of loans.
 If your client has good credit you will be able to provide an unsecured loan of up to $150,000 in THREE DAYS.
 That’s UNSECURRED business loans in 3 days!

These are done in conjunction with banks. Navigating each bank’s lending restrictions provides a challenge for your client's business. They have to know EXACTLY what the banks are looking for. That's where you come in. Our specialists have over 8 years of corporate banking experience and thousands of satisfied clients.
 You assist your client from start to finish and make a significant profit doing so.


Typical commission: up to 10% of loan amount
Typical Transaction size: $50,000 to $1,000,000 or more
Approval Time: 1 month for entire process

Asset Based Lending

This is broad classification includes a wide range of activities such as large commercial real estate loans, purchase order financing, inventory financing and literally any kind of loan that uses a business's “assets” to act as collateral. These loans vary greatly and provide ultimate flexibility provided a company has assets or intends to acquire the asset (real estate) with the loan. Many times these loans can be quite large. This form of financing is growing and is less expensive than typical factoring.


Typical commission: 1- 3% of the initial line of credit and
Typical transaction size: $2,000,000 to $200,000,000 *
Typical approval time: 4-8 months

It All Adds Up To A Great Opportunity For You To Make A High Annual Income


As you can see the commissions from any of these transactions can make you a significant income and many of these transactions can be in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Just one or two transactions like this a month would put you well into a six figures, and that’s a very conservative estimate. Additionally, you can create some of the residual income opportunities we have explained and your income could be considerably more.

Finally spend a bit of your time on the “Mega- Loans” and you could earn more than you ever imagined possible.

Investigate this opportunity further and you will see that this is a great way to make an extraordinary income without being tied to a 9-5 existence.

Most important… you are not a cold calling SALESPERSON. You are not trying to sell something people don’t want. Either people need money or they don’t. All you need to do is let them know you exist and today, with our internet expertise, this can be done in literally days.

This is no different than everyday life. If you are selling anything you are selling yourself! People do business with people they like! Most, if not all, of your clients will contact you by phone, email or fax hoping they can get the money they desperately need. Can you imagine being in a better position?

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*Note: Any examples as to how much money can be earned or typical commissions are for illustrative purposes only. They reflect in general how Certified Global Professionals receive commissions. Commissions vary by lender and market conditions and may change at any time. It is impossible to suggest exact individual earnings because any new business is dependent on the time and dedication you invest to make it succeed. Therefore Global Financial Training Program and its parent, make no guarantees of any kind regarding return on investment, income, success or profitability of those attending and participating in the Global program.


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