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A Lucrative Business That Can be Run Anywhere

It is rare to find a profitable business model that allows you to run your business how and where you would like. Students of Global Financial Training Program learn the ins and outs of the commercial loan business and can do just that upon completion of the course.

“This is the kind of business you could operate from wherever you are as long as you have a phone,” said Global Financial Training Program CEO Philip Dushey. “I was in the Bahamas six months ago with my family, and while on the Gulf, after lunch, I closed a $50,000 deal right on the beach.”

Global Financial Training Program provides a low-cost entry into the lucrative field of commercial financing. Upon completion of the course, brokers secure financing for businesses that have been turned down by banks, with direct access to over 50 private lenders. Dushey explained that the lenders secure lines of credit, inventory financing, commercial real estate, equipment financing and business acquisitions, or just about any type of loan a business owner needs, including A, B, C, and D credits and startups.

Global Financial Training Program helps brokers build a business that offers them complete agency over their hours, workspace and income. “Lifestyle is good in this business,” explained Dushey. “Some people want to work only three or four days a week. They have the freedom to do what they want. They still have to work if they want to make commissions, but you could be anywhere to get that goal.”

The mobility that this program offers also results in low startup costs and no franchise fees. Because the program has a one-time training fee, each student can start their independent business immediately after they complete their training. Also, with no restrictive territories, brokers can pursue leads across the nation, with the ability to make a six-figure income in the first year.

“With most businesses, you’re in the planning stages for seven or eight months, and then you don’t make a profit for the first year. In this business, you start making money right away,” Dushey said.

Global Financial Training Program sets up students to succeed by providing access to 1,000 leads, designing a customized logo and creating a business website for them that provides a professional platform to which clients and leads can be directed. It’s the company’s goal to help students build the most lucrative and sustainable business possible and remain on-call to lend a hand along the way.

While the program has had people from a variety of backgrounds, including managerial positions, sales positions and nonprofit positions, the strongest candidates are successful at working with people and enjoy helping others succeed. Dushey explained the importance of helping businesses in need with the skills and resources provided by his program. “People are putting their confidence in you. They want to have somebody that they feel that’s on their team and senses what their needs are,” he said.

At the heart of Global Financial Training Program is over 30 years of tried-and-true experience. “We don’t only teach the business; we’re also in the business. You can’t teach somebody how to swim, unless you swim yourself. We swim every single day,” Dushey said.

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