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"About Global"

Global is comprised of three separate companies, each specializing in a unique aspect of the commercial loan business

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The Global Financial Training Program

Global Financial Services was founded by Phil Dushey over 36 years ago. He pioneered in the industry of providing financing solutions to small and medium-sized businesses, as well as real estate investors. A little over 24 years ago he founded a niche business providing equipment loans to churches. Global Church Financing was created and has in the years since expanded to all religious organizations, non-profits, and schools. Around 20 years ago, after hearing the needs of his lenders, he realized that there was a need for more brokers. The problem the lenders were having was that they didn’t want to deal with amateur brokers, yet at the same time, they did not have the time, energy, or resources to train people to go out and bring in business. What the lenders saw as a problem, Phil saw as an opportunity. He started throwing around the idea of training people to become brokers and Global Financial Training Program was born. 


Over the years Phil has assumed many positions in the industry. He sits on boards, contributes many articles, and attends many speaking engagements. Phil has made it his mission to pay it forward to society and help people realize their dreams, by entering into their own businesses and being in control of their destinies. He has built three flourishing businesses and hopes that his legacy will continue for years to come.

Three Integrated Companies Designed to Complement Each Other and Benefit you

Global is uniquely structured to maximize the benefits to our students. Global is comprised of three separate companies each specializing in a unique aspect of the commercial loan business. This enables us to provide you with hands-on expertise in every area of this business. We have been in the commercial finance business with over 36 continuous years of direct lending experience. This is a critical piece of information for you to consider.

We are best equipped to TEACH people how to go into the finance business because our structure provides us with  “real world” experience. Imagine the benefit of being in the real world of making loans, finding the most valuable loan products, and the newest methods of marketing for over three decades... that's a lot of experience.

More importantly, our positive track record puts us in a special position with first quality lenders throughout the country. That's why we are able to get our students immediately approved as "recognized brokers" when others must meet stringent qualifications, credit checks, and required business experience. Our graduates are automatically approved because lenders know and trust Global as the world’s most reliable source for training. 

combination of loan possibilities results in a steady and secure stream of income. Unlike other companies in this field who specialize in "equipment leasing" only, our range of commercial loan products is much wider.

A few of the loan types that we offer are: Accounts Receivable Financing, Purchase Order Financing, Business Acquisition Loans, Unsecured Lines of Credit, Cash Advance Loans, Commercial Real Estate Loans, Hard Money, SBA Loans, Fix & Flip Loans and many more.

Almost any type of loan a real estate investor or business owner would need we have a solution. We have developed a core group of more than 30 loan types. Each of these core loan types is the basis of many more variations. The have an unlimited number of programs to offer your clients.

Whether our clients have been in business for years or are just getting started and regardless of credit rating, Global has developed creative financing solutions to meet all of their unique needs. In many cases, our clients fill out a simple application and get approved within 24 hours. Our prime concern is making it possible to say "YES" anytime a client asks for help.

Global Financial Services

Global Financial Services

Global Financial Services is a national commercial finance company with over 36 years of continuous experience focused on the needs of real estate investors as well as small and medium-sized businesses. Over 30 million companies in this country, need financing to run their businesses, regardless of the economic climate.

Global provides a very wide range of financial solutions in the industry. This 

Global Church Finance is one of the largest financiers for Church equipment in the United States. We finance equipment anywhere in the country and provide low rates with up to 60 months to repay. We have been in this business since 1992 and fully understand the needs of Churches.

Our staff is specially trained to deal with Church needs such as new pews, updated sound systems, computer systems, AV equipment, new heating, and air-conditioning systems, or just about anything a church may need. Don't sell this activity short. One Church in NYC replaced their organ at an astounding cost of $80,000. This can be a very lucrative field. More importantly, Global believes in the integrity of Churches, and unlike your local bank, we make financing church equipment and providing church mortgages simple. We show you how easy it is to tap into this niche market.

We serve thousands of Churches throughout the United States and have unique programs specifically suited to their special requirements. That means that you too can make all of these capabilities available to your local religious organizations.

Global Church Financing

Global Church Financing

Everyone knows it's great to have a niche market that can serve as a "bread and butter" business. We found one such niche 25+ years ago with Churches, other religious organizations, schools, and non-profit organizations.

It's simple. They pay their loans, they are easy to reach and they have special needs.

Global Financial Training Program

Global Financial Training Program

This is where all three companies come together in an integrated family that serves us all so well. Global Financial Training Program offers the most comprehensive financial training program in the industry.

We teach you everything you need to know to start earning commissions of up to 15% 

on transactions ranging in size from $5,000 to $500 million. Global Financial Training Program provides training with in-depth knowledge of the industry. We teach everything you need to know to enter the lucrative and prestigious field of financial loan brokering. One of our students completed a $115 million dollar transaction. 

It is important NOT to confuse this with mortgage lending. Our loans help businesses grow and meet their financial needs. The industry has been doing the same thing for 200 years and will continue to do so for as long as real estate investors and businesses need money. We make the commercial loan brokering business easy to learn. We teach you the basic business "savvy" that has been learned through our decades of specific experience.

The most important element of our training is our experienced team of professionals who have seen it all and want to share this important information with you. You will be approved with well-established institutional lenders that lend in all 50 states. This allows for a quick start in the highly lucrative field of commercial finance. There is no easier or more comprehensive program. In most cases 100% of the commissions earned are yours. We teach our students proven methods to succeed in this business. We teach them how easy it is to find clients, create ongoing repeat business, develop new markets, how to build your business, how to utilize industry organizations and so much more.

We provide you with the industry's best marketing practices. Practices that have been collectively formulated by Global with our 36+ years experience. You receive leads, dozens of marketing tools, an in-depth website, social media set up, and everything necessary to get started immediately after the training concludes. Our Company stands behind our students with ongoing support and assistance.

This is not a franchise so our students simply pay a one-time training fee yet get a lifetime of support with no ongoing fees. The above is just a brief description of what the Global Financial Training Program provides. Global puts you in a position to start making a highly lucrative income in the unlimited field of commercial finance and helps you to get your phones ringing right away.

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