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"Have The Life You

Always Dreamed Of"

Earning a six-figure income, working where you want, when you want, part or full time allows you the independence, financial security and quality of life you have always desired

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Financial Security

Why finance? As the old adage goes, if you want to be successful, you should surround yourself with successful people. Well, the same goes for money. If you want to make money, you should surround yourself with money and situate yourself in the business of "money".

The potential to make a six-figure income without having to perform a lot of transactions is very real in this industry. Whether you want to make $100,000, $500,000, $1,000,000 or more per year…the opportunity is there. You will


be providing a valuable service to your clients and get paid nice commissions immediately from the lenders. More importantly, your own money is never at risk.


The finance business is such that you can truly earn what you want. There is no limit! Finance is a trillion-dollar industry and it's common knowledge that if you want to make a great income, finance is the place to be!


The opportunities are limitless but you need to understand that this is NOT a “get rich quick scheme". It is a real business opportunity and you will get out of it, what you put in. We teach you everything you need to know about the business, set you up with the lenders, and give you all the tools and support, you need to be successful. After that, the passion and motivation is up to you!


This will allow you to provide the true financial security that you and your family deserve. You will control your own financial destiny, and have a real opportunity to make a lot of money very quickly in an ethical and rewarding business.

Quality of Life

How different would your life be as the owner of your own finance company? You’ll never have to report to a boss, operate on somebody else’s schedule, and never have to negotiate a long rush-hour commute to the office or ask for corporate approval to make business decisions. You will never have to wait year after year for small incremental raises because how much you make in the commercial finance business is completely up to you. More than that, you will have the flexibility to travel, enjoy your family, and take care of yourself. The great thing about our low overhead model is that most of your business is done with a cell phone and laptop, so you can make money and still enjoy the things you have always dreamed of.

You’ll quickly discover the huge impact that being the owner of your own company will have on your quality of life. Having a home-based business means you don’t have to worry about all the issues like overhead, rent, and maintenance that are involved in running an outside office. You decide how many hours to work. You can choose to work full- or part-time, with or without a partner—it’s all within your control. Best of all, you have control over the amount of money you make based on the amount of time you choose to work. As the owner of your own finance company, you can make money and enjoy an incredible lifestyle.


Do you live in fear? Do you wonder if you’re going to come into work one day and receive a pink slip? Do you worry that you may lose your job keeping up with your personal life demands?

Owning your own commercial finance company gives you the independence to make an unlimited income while still having the ability to spend time on the things in life that bring you real happiness and security. Being your own boss is something that no one can take away from you, making you are truly independent.  A business that has no limitation where YOU choose to work as hard or as smart as you like and become as wealthy as you want, without the worry of downsizing, firing or people to answer to.

We take you through a guided process and show you how much you can earn. We teach you how to "free" yourself from the weight of an office, the burden of employees, or the hassles of selling. We show you how working smart will be the SMARTEST thing you have ever done in your life. Once you have had a taste of this type of independence you'll, never look back!


We understand that change does not come by accident or easily... at least real substantive positive change. Upon completion of the Global Financial Training Program, you will know exactly what to do from day one. You will have all the tools necessary to accomplish your goal of achieving Financial Security, Quality of life, and Independence.

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