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Our lenders will approve those of all credit types. Having access to all of these lenders gives you more financial solutions than any bank can offer, giving you the flexibility to approve more loans.

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The Lenders

Global has been a lender and broker for decades doing transactions nationwide every single day. We speak to lenders as a regular part of our business and deal with client problems of every kind. As a result, the Global Financial Training Program has been developed to see things through the “eyes of a lender”.

Each lender does something different, but they all have a guideline as to what kind of deals they are looking for, who they will and will not approve timelines for the deals, and the commissions they pay. We studied our lenders… their needs… and what they are willing to fund. By knowing in advance what they WANT to approve, we immediately know what type of businesses to target our marketing efforts too.


This is quite different than going after everyone, the shotgun method of marketing, and hoping there is a lender out there who will approve the deal. That’s why our success rate is so high and why our lenders are so willing to accept our graduates immediately as “approved” brokers.

You are approved immediately

You are approved immediately

The lenders have very harsh vetting processes in place in order to decide who they are and are not willing to work with. Some of the requirements would be the time in business, usually 2-5 years, applications, background checks, and credit checks. If and when the lender decides to approve an average broker, they would want a guarantee of monthly volume. If you had to go through these processes, it would take you years to acquire a range of lenders that would be willing to work with you.

Upon completion of the Global Financial Training Program, you are approved with national lenders without having to meet these stringent vetting requirements. Since these lenders fund transactions in all 50 states, you will immediately be able to provide a full range of financial solutions, ranging from the small loans to the more complex deals, including large commercial real estate transactions and business acquisitions, all over the country.

During the training, you will meet your lenders and will hear firsthand what business they are seeking. They will tell you who to go after and how to talk to them. They will give you a clear and concise "roadmap" to follow in targeting your marketing to the easiest prospects to close. This is all part of our reverse-engineered targeted marketing.

Once you go home, your lenders will become your best friends, establishing a foundation for lifelong success. They will keep you abreast of their specific financial services, passing along inside knowledge which will prove to be invaluable to you.

No two Lenders are the same

People outside of the industry don’t realize that no two lenders are the same in what they finance. There are variables such as collateral, credit, assets they invest in, maximum and minimum loan amounts, pricing, and how they structure their transaction. So if you don’t have the right lender for your client’s situation then you could lose out on commissions. At Global, we provide you with an array of lenders to cover all of your needs. Having this type of access allows you to be diverse in your offerings and creative in your solutions. Some products do better in a weak climate while others do better in an upturn. This diversity also allows you to be flexible, ensuring success in any economic climate. What this means is if there was any sort of economic downturn you would not be affected simply because you will have the capability to focus efforts on the loans that do well in those kinds of economies. The same holds true when the economy is thriving. Regardless of the economy, businesses need capital to either cover the costs of there businesses or they need to expand.

You will work directly with your lenders

One of the most important aspects of our program is that you will be submitting transactions to the lenders directly. They are the ones paying commissions directly to you and there is no middleman to take a piece of your commission. The lenders rely on you to bring in business and in turn, they take care of their brokers, paying high commissions. In simple English, it means that you keep 100% of your large commissions.

Working directly with the lenders also affords you the luxury of building lifelong relationships. Not only will you continue learning from our ongoing support but what you will learn from your lender's is an important key to your success.

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