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"The Global Promise"

The Global Mentorship program ensures that even though you are on your own, you will never be alone

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The Global Promise


Global knows that it can be a frightening step to go out there and start your own business. Your mind starts to run away with you, wondering how you can possibly do this all on your own. These thoughts are what hold most people back in life, keeping them from achieving their dreams. Do you just want to live your life or do you want to live your dreams? The answer is YES. You can live your dreams!


Yes, you will be in your own commercial finance business. Yes, you will be your own boss. Yes, you will earn large commissions and keep all of it. Yes, you will be in charge of your life’s path.


With our knowledge, Global is the premier training program to get you started. We will give you everything you need to get moving onto the road to success.


You will have a clear understanding of all your loan products.


You will work directly with your lenders.


You will receive full marketing training with all the tools necessary to market aggressively.


You will be on the road to getting traffic to your website, getting your phones ringing, and on the path to closing deals quickly.


You will go home with loads of information and an excitement that is indescribable. Once you sit down to breathe and take it all in, those original thoughts that went through your mind may come back. How can I do this on my own? Who will help me if I am the one in charge? I need advice and what do I do?

Global Mentorship Program

The Global Financial Training Program has created the Global Mentorship Program. We have taken our 1:1 support to the next level. The person that trains you will actually transition into your very own personal mentor once you leave. Gone are the days where you need to introduce and re-introduce yourself and your deal, to a new person every time you need help. It not only saves a lot of time and frustration but after spending time with this person for the duration of your training it lends a level of comfort. This way from the classroom to the real world you do not have to miss a beat.


Not only will your mentor be there to guide you but they will play many roles once you leave the nest.


They will help you with the transaction review. No need to guess or second guess. Your mentor will go over your deal and explain what information you are missing or which lender would work best for the deal in question.


What happens when you are going out in the world to pitch someone? What if you are not sure of what to say? Your mentor will role-play with you until you feel comfortable, taking all the stress out of meeting with potential clients. You will learn through practice how to communicate and in no time it will all be second nature. With hundreds of real-life case studies to choose from we are able to do a lot of role-playing.  This gets you comfortable with questions, objections, and answers making you completely prepared for any client. We’ll teach you how to “get” a client’s story quickly and identify the right lender for that client.


What happens if you don’t know how to handle a call? Naturally, this is all new and can cause anxiety if you are not accustomed to these types of calls. Your mentor will get on the phone with you and your client and handle your call. This way you can see first-hand how to handle a call and feel comfortable to handle your next call on your own.


Similarly to riding a bike, you start learning with training wheels. Quickly, they come off but someone is holding on to make sure you don’t fall. At some point, without your realizing, you are riding on your own. That someone will stay close to make sure if you fall that you get back on your bike quickly. You will never forget how to ride a bike but it is nice to know if you run into bike troubles you know exactly where to go.


Whatever you need your mentor is there to guide you, even years down the road. No matter the issue, big or small, you will have complete support and that is the Global promise.

Global promises that even though you are on your own,
you will never be alone.

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