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  • What is at the heart of the Global Financial Training Program?
    At the heart of our program is your immediate approval with a long list of premium lending sources who are competitive within the industry. In today's economy, most banks seem to have lending policies that approve loans for big businesses only and those who do not need to borrow money. Additionally, they are usually one dimensional and can only do limited types of financing to the “A “credit clients, which make up only 10% of all businesses. Our lenders are very aggressive in their pricing and while they can generally compete with the banks for those in the “A “credit category, they can also service the “B, C and D” credit categories as well. The “B-D” credit category makes up about 65% of all businesses. There are very few financial consultants that specialize in satisfying all of the financial needs of small to medium size companies as well as real estate investors. Having access to capital is critical to any businesses success. The customers that understand this will welcome you as a solution to the constant problems they face in their businesses. As a full-service finance company you will be able to meet most of your client’s financial needs whether they need a loan for working capital, purchasing new equipment, acquiring a new business, restructuring their current loans or whatever else their needs may be. You will be equipped to provide the personal service that they are lacking from the banks to helping them reach their short and long term financial goals. The timing could not be better to be in this business. You do not need your own money to fund the loans, you are not responsible for the loan after they have been funded and you will earn high commissions that are paid when you close the loan. Upon completion of the training, you will be immediately approved with your lenders which will put you in the position to satisfy most of your client's needs. Entering this business could not be easier and you don't need prior experience. At the conclusion of the 4 day training, you will be operating your own full service finance company. You'll be your own boss, but you won't be alone. You will receive ongoing training, support and encouragement from your 1:1 mentor ensuring your success with training. Your success is our success.
  • What does it mean to be a “Certified Global Graduate”?
    When you complete the Global Financial Training you will receive a certificate designating you as a “Certified” Global professional. This shows both lenders and borrowers that you have completed the Global Financial Training Program and are knowledgeable in all types of business loans. Global’s training program will prepare you with the financial knowledge and industry vocabulary needed to confidently converse, in an intelligent manner, when speaking with customers or funding sources. This will help gain the confidence of your client and help build and maintain relationships with your lenders. Beyond the education, being a certified Global graduate means that you will have instant access to the lenders without going through the stringent vetting processes. You will be registered immediately, allowing you to access to funding solutions, which would normally take years to acquire
  • We asked Phil Dushey, President and CEO of Global: Why Global?"
    I worked for a company that let me go because they were “downsizing". After the letdown, I decided to start Global. With the will to succeed, I was highly motivated to never work for someone else again. Today, Global is a full service finance company serving our clients nationally for over 36+ years. We take pride in our services as being experts in determining and satisfying most of our client's financial needs. Other companies that are giving courses on how to be in the finance business don't provide loans. We have been is in the business, making loans daily for years. We teach you the practical way to be in the finance business rather than textbook theory. With our many years of experience we know how to get clients quickly, analyze their transactions, and how to get them funded. One of the reasons we started this program, is because in the last years with all the layoffs and the weakening economy, we have been deluged with calls from people who want to be in charge of their future and enter the finance business, but have no experience. Global has developed this training program so people with no prior experience in finance can succeed and start making money. Our program includes everything that you need to be in your own successful business.
  • Can I do this part time or must I quit my current job?
    Since this your own business, you can determine your own schedule and income goals. It is up to you to decide how much time you want to devote to your business. Some people do not want to leave their current situation until they are secure in their future direction. This is one of the few businesses where you can literally get started on a part time basis with a cell phone and laptop, until you are ready to transition over to a more lucrative rewarding lifestyle. In the case of partners, many will split the duties so that they are both working part time, while fulfilling the duties of a full time business. Regardless of what you choose to do, we will be there to help and guide you along the way.
  • Do I need to open an office?
    This business is a perfect home based business. Most transactions are handled over the phone or by email. The business is really simple to run with minimal office requirements. . There is little overhead and very few complicated expenses involved. Fact is, this is a “0” employee business if you choose it to be so, keeping your expenses low and your profits high. This means you will actually get to keep your commissions in your pocket.
  • Is this a franchise?
    NO. This is NOT a franchise. There are NO royalties or small territories to worry about... We provide you with a full training, automatic approval with the lenders and all the marketing tools and strategies necessary to be successful. You will own your own company and use your own business name providing loans all over the country. You are the boss which means that you get to make the decisions of how or where you operate your business. You are the master of your own destiny and we do not limit your success by taking any continuing fees. Do not misunderstand…Yes, you are on your own but never alone. We will be there to provide ongoing support but there will never any fees to receive the advice and guidance needed when you are ready to grow and expand.
  • How much money can I earn?
    Earning a six figure income and having a good lifestyle is not difficult but the real question is how much do you want to make? Earning money and lifestyle choice go hand in hand. This is a field with no limitations on income. Starting any business takes hard work and dedication and the same holds true here. It’s up to you and how hard you want to work. Whether its full time or part time, we will provide you with all the tools necessary to make this happen, teaching you how to work smart, not hard. In America, tens of thousands of people need financing to go into business or run their existing businesses on a daily basis. Upon completion of the training, you can complete just about any type of financing your customer may need, as long as the deal makes sense. You will be dealing with real lenders, real clients, and carving out your share in an industry that is toppling over a trillion dollars. We give you the tools, products, lenders, education, and support to be the most successful in this business. If you follow the 60-30-10 plan we provide, it is very possible to achieve a high annual income. You will be focusing most of your efforts on the “bread and butter” deals (transactions with one time fees) and the “set it and forget it” deals (transactions that yield monthly residual income), which will add up quickly providing a large monthly income, leaving you time to close the “home runs” (large or mega transactions).
  • How much money can I make on each transaction?
    Generally you can earn between 1-15% commissions on each loan. The commissions vary by loan type and lender. The lenders are willing to pay high commissions because they rely on their brokers to bring in their business. Click here for a more in depth explanation.
  • Do you take a portion of any of the commissions your graduates earn?
    The answer is NO. You keep 100% of your commissions. You deal directly with your lenders, submitting your deals directly to your lenders and your lenders are the ones that pay your commissions. If we collected commissions on your deals it would be difficult for you to stay competitive in your pricing. This would cause your deals to be overpriced putting you at a severe disadvantage.
  • Do I need experience to be in this business?
    NO. The Global Financial Training Program was designed to teach anyone that has the passion to be their own boss and run their own business coupled with the desire to make money. We provide you with all the industry knowledge, a thorough understanding of all your loan products, funding sources and all the marketing strategies and tools necessary to get your phone ringing, traffic to your website, which will have you closing deals quickly.
  • Am I ever at financial risk?
    NO. Your job is to find the customers and make the presentations to the lenders. The lenders make the credit decisions and fund the transactions. When the transaction is funded you receive your commission immediately and you are off to your next transaction. Should a transaction go bad you will not have to return any of your commissions.
  • How do I get lenders and why will they do business with me?
    Lenders of all types use brokers to bring in business because it is a very cost effective way of advertising. Many lenders do not have direct marketing departments and they strictly rely on their brokers to supply them with transactions. You find and qualify the client making their work much easier. This is also the reason why they are willing to pay such high commissions. You are automatically approved with premium lenders the minute you graduate from your class. As a Global graduate you will be approved with the lenders that will satisfy all of your clients' needs immediately. There are stringent vetting processes in place in order to be approved with a lender but in your case all prerequisites are waived! Don’t underestimate the importance of this. Usually, getting lenders to do business with a new broker is actually quite difficult. Most lenders want you to have at least 3 years in the business, very good references, in addition to extensive background checks, credit checks and then if they approve you, they want a guarantee in annual volume. The lenders have waived these requirements because you have completed the Global Financial Training Program. They do this because new brokers do not know how to analyze and present transactions properly. The lenders don’t like dealing with amateurs and only want to do business with brokers that know what they are doing.
  • Will I encounter competition with other brokers?
    The short answer is NO. The equipment finance market alone is toppling over a trillion dollars and it’s only going up. That is only one loan type and that does not include all the other types of loans you can offer. Business owners and real estate investors need capital. With over 30,000,000 business out there, there are not enough brokers in the market to satisfy all of the financial needs. Let’s say there is plenty of business to go around. You have national reach to provide loans all over the country as well as in your own backyard.
  • What are your class dates?
    Our classes take place monthly. Classes tend to fill up quickly so take a look at the class schedule and see what works for you.
  • How much does this program cost?
    The cost of our program is $19,950. The program includes everything you need to be in your own commercial finance business: - 4 full days of training - Additional person trained at no charge - Approved with over 30+ lenders - Full marketing training and all the tools necessary to market aggressively - Professionally designed website - Custom company Logo - Access to 1,000 online leads at no additional cost - Complete training manuals from Global and our lenders - Applications, forms and software package - Customized stationary package and business cards - Social media setup - Mentorship Program- 1:1 ongoing support and transactions review - Ongoing Education Global provides you with an in depth training and sets you up so that there is no room for excuses. You will be in business upon completion of the program and in the position to start working the minute you leave. For a more in depth look at what is included take a look at Investment Details.
  • Do you have multiple packages?
    NO! We want everyone to be successful and provide you with all the tools needed to get started at one cost. Under our continuous guidance, we will show you how and where your dollars should be spent, when it makes sense. There shouldn't be any pressure in thinking that had you spent more you would be more equipped. Charging different prices equates to us giving you a chocolate chip recipe and leaving out an ingredient, only receiving the additional ingredients at a higher price. We will give you everything you need from products, lenders, marketing and ongoing support to ensure a lifetime of success.
  • Can I bring another person to the training program and is there an additional charge?
    YES! You are allowed to bring one additional person to the training at no additional charge. Many people start this business with another person such as a spouse, child, cousin or friend.
  • Can I hire sales staff?
    Of course you can. You are your own boss. You decide if you want to work independently or hire a sales force. We will teach you how to hire and train your staff so that they can bring you transactions to fund. As part of your ongoing support, we will always be there to guide and advise you with each step you take.
  • How do I find customers once I leave the training?
    This is probably the best question on the list. Most new brokers feel the most difficult part of being in the business is getting clients. You will learn nothing is further from the truth and we cover this in great detail during day four. The most critical time in the success of your business is in the first 45-60 days. At Global, we will teach you how to get your business off to a successful start. We will show you how to get clients utilizing tried and proven methods that Global has used over the years. Our lenders will share their insights as well on how to get the business that they commonly fund. While we do provide you with leads, we will guide you through all the marketing strategies that best fit your personality. It is not difficult to find clients when businesses are always looking for money and you have the financial solutions. Global will be there to hold your hand every step of the way, continuously guiding you.
  • What kind of support will I have once I complete the training?
    Once you leave the training you will automatically be rolled into the Global Mentorship Program which offers lifetime support. Other companies promise 1:1 which means that you can speak one on one with anyone in the company for support. This means every time you reach out, you would need to introduce yourself and explain what kind of support you require. There is no guarantee as to who you would be speaking with. This takes up a lot of time and gets in the way of continued learning. Our Mentorship programs converts your trainer into your mentor/coach. You will continue to receive 1:1 support from the same individual. There are no ongoing fees for the support EVER! We are here to help you, guide you and even step in should you need the assistance. Even though you are in your own business, you are never alone and that is the Global promise.
  • Did you change the name of the training program from Global Broker Training Systems to The Global Financial Training Program because the company was in trouble?
    No! We were never in trouble. We changed the name of our company years ago simply because it was confusing. We were spending a lot of time explaining what a broker training system was. It was a bit of a tongue twister as well. If we had problems, we would have gone to great lengths to cover it up and change all of our email addresses as well. If you would like to contact the owner of the company, simply email him at Notice the “gbtsinc” which stands for Global Broker Training Systems, Inc.
  • What is my next step?
    If you feel that the Global Program is something you would like to pursue, please click here and fill out our contact form, or give us a call at (212) 480-4900 and let’s talk. If we both feel we have a fit, and you are ready to change your life and start a new business, let's get started and put you on the road to earning a high annual income that you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

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