Is Wolverhampton Girls’ High School a private school?

Wolverhampton Girls’ High School is not a private school. We are a maintained, selective grammar school for girls from 11 to 18 years with Academy status. There is no charge or cost related to the admission of a pupil to the school. We have been offering a free education to girls from across the City and beyond for over 100 years.

Do you have a catchment area?

All parents living both within and beyond the City of Wolverhampton may apply for their daughters to be admitted to the school. We do not have a catchment area.

My child currently lives outside Wolverhampton and would like a school place at Wolverhampton Girls’ High School, what should I do?

You should make your Admission Application to your child's Home, Local Authority (where parents/carers/guardians pay Council Tax), regardless of which school/s you are placing as a choice. This is called the Local Authority Preference CAF1 Form. If you would like to express a preference for Wolverhampton Girls’ High School, you will need to list the school as a choice on the Local Authority Preference CAF1 Form for your child's Home, Local Authority.

Your daughter will also have to sit the Consortium Entrance Test. You should visit to register your daughter for the test between 19th April 2021 and 4pm on Thursday, 8th July 2021, which is the closing date for registrations.

How to travel to the School?

The school currently has no organised transport service for the school. Mr M Ram, Abbey Coaches (Midlands) Limited (0121 557 9622) runs a variety of services for students travelling to and from the school. He organises routes and arranges travel payment contracts directly with parents.

Public Transport: Number 1 > Dudley - Sedgley - Wolverhampton - Tettenhall Wood – frequency every 7 to 8 minutes.

What is the Consortium?

The Consortium of Grammar Schools in Shropshire, Walsall and Wolverhampton was established in order to ease the process of admission applications for parents who are considering the option of a grammar school education for their child. Within this Consortium are: Haberdashers’ Adams Grammar School, Queen Mary’s Grammar School, Queen Mary’s High School, Newport Girls’ High School and Wolverhampton Girls’ High School. Your daughter will only need to take one entrance test for consideration by all girls’ schools.

The Grammar Schools in Birmingham is a totally separate Consortium, and applications are administered by the Birmingham Admissions Office.

Admissions Policy

Our Admissions Policy can be found on our school website by following this link: Each school within the Consortium will have their own, bespoke determined Admissions Policy. We are all independent, admissions authorities and so you will find our policies to be different.

Before you Apply – Researching Schools

We advise all parents/carers/guardians to visit the school website and join one of our virtual, Open Events before completing the on-line, entrance test Registration Form and the Local Authority, CAF1, preference form. Details about the admissions process will be given at our Open Events. Also, further information about the admissions process can be found on your Local Authority website. You may also wish to visit the website of those school(s) that you are interested in to find information about individual Admission Policies.

Here are the details about our virtual, open events. Please join one of our live Q&A events and get answers to the questions you have about admission to the school. Please keep a close eye on the school website for more information about these.

Virtual Open Morning - Tuesday 11th May 2021 9:30am

Virtual Open Evening - Wednesday 12th May 2021 7pm

Virtual Open Afternoon - Thursday 13th May 2021 1:30pm

Usual Schedule of activities:

  • May 2021 – School Virtual Open Events: parents/carers/guardians and daughter to attend.

  • May, June and July 2021: Daughter in Year 5 - Make your on-line, test registration via the school website so that your daughter can be invited for the Consortium, entrance test.

  • 4pm on Thursday, 8th July 2021: Deadline date for online, test registrations.

  • Early September 2021: usually by the end of the second week – Daughter in Year 6 – test invitation letter will be posted to parents/carers/guardians to notify of testing arrangements for your daughter.

  • September 2021: Daughter in Year 6 – Entrance test takes place on a date to be advised from 18th to 21st September 2021.

  • Middle of October 2021: Entrance test scores notified to parents by post.

  • By the end of October 2021: daughter in Year 6 – complete your on-line, Local Authority CAF1 Preference Form with your Home, Local Authority.

  • 1st March 2022 National Offer Day: Secondary school allocations advised to parents/carers/guardians by Home Local Authority either by post or electronically.

When should I apply?

From 19th April to 8th July 2021: Daughter in Year 5 – Wolverhampton Girls’ High School website is updated with the on-line, Consortium Test Registration Form link and current information about the admissions procedure. You may wish to visit one of our virtual, Open Events before attempting the completion of your on-line, test Registration Form.

How do I register my daughter for the test?

From 19th April onward until 8th July 2021: Daughter in Year 5 - Make your on-line, test registration via the school website so that your daughter can be invited for the Consortium, entrance test. The deadline is 4pm on Thursday, 8th July 2021. You will receive an email acknowledgement to say that your application has been processed. A subsequent email will be sent from the school that you have selected as the testing centre for your daughter to sit the entrance test.

Where will my daughter sit the test?

Whichever school you submit the on-line, test Registration Form determines the school at which your daughter will sit the test. You may, however, indicate your interest in one or both of the other girls’ schools within the Consortium.

When/Where is the test?

The dates of our test will be confirmed on the school website as soon as possible. This will be at a date to be advised between 18th to 21st September 2021.

What will happen if I have submitted an on-line, Test Registration Form to more than one girls’ school in the Consortium?

You only need to complete the on-line, test Registration Form once. If you have made an error, you will need to contact the school where you wish your daughter to sit the test and rectify matters. Amended information will be shared between Consortium colleagues.

What if my daughter has Special Education Needs?

This should be clearly indicated on the on-line, test Registration Form and a Special Arrangements Form will then be forwarded to you for your completion and return to the testing centre immediately. If you do not receive the form, it is the responsibility of the parent/carer/guardian to contact the school to request a Special Arrangements Form. The completed form should be accompanied by copies of all supporting information and medical reports. Please submit this information as a matter of urgency to the testing venue. Early submission of the request for Special Arrangements will help ensure an independent assessment and the necessary arrangements can be made to make your daughter as comfortable as possible during the testing session. An early submission of paperwork also allows parents/carers/guardians to be advised of the arrangements that we have put in place prior to testing day.

What if my child is ill on the day of the test?

You should telephone the school to inform us of your daughter’s absence and obtain a Doctor’s note with details/date of the illness. Following receipt of the Doctor’s note, the reasons for non-attendance will be considered carefully and if possible, an alternative testing date will be arranged. Please note that the Consortium will not re-arrange the testing date for candidates who are engaged in pre-planned activities, such as school trips.

What does the test involve?

All girls will sit two standardised tests consisting of Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning and Numerical Reasoning provided by CEM. Normally, each test paper is 45/50 minutes in length. School administration for each test will normally be one-hour.

Is there anything I can do to help prepare my daughter for the test?

The school provides access to our online familiarisation portal with a wealth of activities to help students familiarise themselves with both our school and our test. Access to this will be provided by the school, following test registration. In addition, we will be running virtual familiarisation events and so please keep an eye on the school website for further information about these.

What is the pass mark?

There is no pass mark. Test marks vary each year depending on the individual tests taken. The standardised test scores are sorted into rank order and places are awarded accordingly by Wolverhampton Local Authority according to the determined, Wolverhampton Girls’ High School Admissions Policy.

When will we get the results?

Information on the outcome of the test will be sent to all parents/carers/guardians in time for completion of the Local Authority, CAF1, preference form, i.e. by the end of October 2021. This correspondence will include details of your daughter’s test score.

Who has responsibility for the allocation of places?

School Admissions at Wolverhampton Local Authority allocate our school places in line with our determined, Admissions Policy and within the agreed arrangements of the Local Authority Co-ordinated Scheme.

When are decisions made?

Online, secondary school allocations will be emailed on National Offer Day to parents/carers/guardians on the 1st March 2022 or the nearest, working day after this day. Secondary school allocation letters for those who applied on a paper form will be posted on National Offer Day via second class postage. Decision information giving your daughter’s allocated secondary school place will be sent directly to parents/carers/guardians by your Home, Local Authority, School Admissions Office.

Wolverhampton Girls’ High School will be advised on National Offer Day of those girls who have been allocated to us.

Admissions Waiting Lists

If your daughter has not been allocated her first preference, the admission application will automatically be placed on the waiting list for the preferred Wolverhampton school or schools that were ranked higher than the allocated school. Unless material changes of circumstances have been demonstrated to the Local Authority, your daughter’s name will only be included on those waiting lists for schools that were ranked higher on your CAF1 application than the school allocated to your daughter and therefore, if your daughter is allocated a place at the first preference school your daughter’s name will not be added to the waiting list for any of the other preferred schools.

Following National Offer Day and the school’s liaison with Wolverhampton Local Authority, the Wolverhampton Girls’ High School confirmed, Waiting List will normally be available after approximately 10/14 working days. This detailed process takes some considerable time to ensure complete accuracy. The school will be unable to respond to questions from parents/carers/guardians about the Waiting List until this work has been completed.

Requests for inclusion on waiting lists for non-Wolverhampton schools must be made in writing by parents/carers/guardians to the relevant Local Authority for the school concerned for assessment in accordance with their scheme.

What happens if you are moving into a new area?

Where families with children of school age are moving into a new area, parents/carers/guardians should, at the earliest opportunity, contact the Local Authority School Admissions Section in the area where you wish to reside. You will be required to provide the Local Authority with a variety of documentary evidence as proof of your move to support any application you may wish to make.

Should I employ a Tutor?

No, intensive coaching/tutoring is not in the long-term interests of your daughter. Girls will be anxious about sitting the test, you can help by not putting pressure on her. Please view the familiarisation materials on our school website and use the online, familiarisation materials available to you.

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