Why does the Program work?

Businesses are being turned down by the banks on a daily basis and the amount of businesses that need money are growing annually. The banks have the money to lend but they are only lending to A credits, in other words those businesses that are not in need of the money.

Our program  is organized in a way that the process is simplified and easy to understand. There is no need to understand the mechanics of a loan. All your customer wants to hear are three little words...YOU ARE APPROVED!!!


With our business model you will have direct access to your lenders. This allows you to approve those in the B, C and D credit categories, start-up companies, all while being competitive for those with A credits as well. Having access to all of these lenders gives you more financial solutions than any bank can offer, giving you the flexibility to approve more loans.


With a complete understanding on how every loan works and direct access to your lenders, you can target the types of loans you want to go after which will quickly put you in the position to earn unlimited income.


We know that all businesses need money regardless of which way the economy is turning. In a good economy businesses need to expand and in bad economies they need capital to stay afloat. Either way you will have all the tools to solve all of their financial issues.

The lenders put out a guideline manual on who they will and will not approve, how long it will take to fund a deal from start to finish and rates are published so that you can quote prices to your clients.Your lenders will approve loans from $5,000 to $500 million+, with commissions from 1-15%. The best part is that the lenders pay commissions directly to you, which means there is no middle man to deal with.


We approve you with a portfolio of lenders that can deal with various risk categories. You will work with some lenders that don’t take credit scores into consideration while others will finance those with very low credit scores. What this all translates into is that you will have the power to say YES! You will be able to say yes and approve those businesses and real estate investors who are seeking alternative funding solutions, increasing your client base with little competition.  


If you take a look at the transactions you can fund and the money you can make, coupled with the education you will receive from Global, it is easy to see how you can earn an unlimited income.

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