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At Global Financial Training Program, we provide commercial lending training to tomorrow’s business loan brokers. This course focuses on some of the most critical aspects of being a successful commercial lender. By the end of the course, you should understand how to perform background checks on borrowers and on how to best determine a potential borrower’s ability to pay back loans in a timely manner.  

This class is open to all regardless of skill level, so if you require commercial lending basics, assistance learning how to analyze available opportunities, the ability to assess/mitigate risk, or want to know how to structure/manage commercial loans, our commercial lending training can help. 

Our commercial lending training covers everything from the collection of potential borrowers’ information, the measuring of their credit risk, the analysis of their financial statements, the interpretation of credit reporting, and more, to determine whether or not you should approve a loan for a borrower. By doing your due diligence as a lender, you can greatly reduce your risk by properly identifying businesses with a solid business plan and a track record of utilizing their funds effectively and properly. 

The following are the areas that will be explored during our training course: 

Commercial Lending Basics 

This portion of the training will teach you about the commercial loan terms that lenders typically provide to business borrowers, including the more commonly requested long-term commercial loans and the less frequently requested short-term commercial loans. 

Credit Risk Assessment 

You will learn how to properly measure credit risk and how to properly manage loans where different risk levels are involved. This will help you determine the possibility of the borrower defaulting on the loan, and you will learn how to calculate the losses suffered in the event this happens. You’ll learn how to assign a risk assessment rating to each prospective borrower, which gives you the information you need to either reject a borrower or offer them a commercial loan with higher interest rates commensurate with the risk you are taking. 

Credit Investigation Procedures 

Financial institutions will typically conduct credit investigations on all corporate borrowers to determine their ability to pay back any loans. This training course will help you understand the findings unearthed and the procedures involved in their credit investigation process. 

Analysis of Financial Statements 

Pertinent figures to the business’s performance, such as accounting records and balance sheets,  are used to determine the current state of a corporate entity. By analyzing the available information, you can quickly determine whether or not a business even has the liquidity needed to make the required loan payments. 

By equipping you with the tools and information listed here, you will be able to properly analyze the available information and make informed decisions that protect you and help you distinguish between the different kinds of borrowers. 

Commercial Lending Training


Join the lucrative field of commercial finance!

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