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Global teaches people how to enter this lucrative field and "own their own finance company".

How much can I earn?

The first question that comes to  everyone's mind is how much can I earn? Being a financial broker will give you the opportunity to earn the income you have always wanted.

Types of transactions you can fund

Global Offers You the Most Comprehensive Variety of Loan Programs and Financial Instruments with More Variations than Any Other Firm in the Industry


One of the most important aspects of our program is that you will be working with  the lenders directly.


You will have the ability to put together a well-balanced marketing program and pinpoint the type of clients you want to reach.

Financial Security and independence

You will have all the tools necessary to accomplish your goal of achieving Financial Security, Quality of life and Independence.

Why the program works

Our program  is organized in a way that the process is simplified and easy to understand.  

Investment and class details

The knowledge and expertise we offer you is...Priceless… but take a look at what is included in your investment.

Class schedule

The Global Financial Training Program has classes that take place every month for your convenience.

Our Program

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