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A Letter From Our President: Phil Dushey

A Letter From Our President: Phil Dushey

Growing up, I have always been the entrepreneurial type. I have been in many types of businesses over the years ranging from wholesale to retail and everything in between. At some point, I decided to try working for someone. It was really against anything I have ever known but I figured what do I have to lose?

I worked around the clock, punching in crazy hours and after a short amount of time I was making tons of money. I was closing deals left and right and became the top earner in the company. I was on top of the world and life was great. One day I came into work and realized life was not so great. The company I was working for was letting me go because I was earning too much and they felt that I could be replaced with someone younger for half the price. I collected my things wondering what my next move was going to be. Being newly married, with small children at the time, I started to come undone. My father always said "You have 24 hours to feel bad.

That’s it! Then you pick yourself up and move on.” I decided at that moment that I would never work for someone again. I wanted to be in control of my own life. I never again wanted to feel like someone could come and take everything away from me on the drop of a dime.


I had some connections, made a few calls, and declared myself in business. I never looked back. Yes, I have met challenges, made mistakes but I kept going forward and growing and expanding my business over the years to come. I have since opened three separate companies. Global Financial services will forever be my bread and butter, earning me the lifestyle I love to live. Global Church financing was born next as a niche business and later on the Global Financial Training Program followed.


36+ years later, I love what I do and I love the feeling, month after month, of helping people realize that they too can achieve the life they want to live. Becoming a "Certified" Global Professional is the first step to your financial freedom. No other financial company can offer you what the Global Financial Training Program can. We know what it takes to run a financial business, find clients, package transactions, and make good money. When I look back, I wish there was a program like Global, which would have alleviated a lot of my frustrations, constant running into brick walls, while trying to figure it out on my own for the first two years. 


This isn't difficult or complicated. If you enjoy meeting people, helping them to meet their financial needs, don't mind working "SMART" instead of "HARD" and have a sincere desire to succeed, our program is for you. Global has been a leader in the finance industry for more than 36 years, and I have learned that there are 5 basic keys to success in this business:


1. Looking & Sounding Professional

One of the most important things I learned when I started this business, was that I had to look and sound professional to both clients and funding sources for them to have the confidence to do business with me. It only takes about five minutes for them to know if a person knows what he or she is talking about. The Global Financial Training Program will prepare you with the financial knowledge and industry vocabulary so you can confidently converse with the lenders in an intelligent manner to build solid relationships. Global will provide you with the tools to convey trust and professionalism to the people with whom you do business.


2. Getting Clients

In any business, you must have clients to make money. We will teach you all of the tried and proven methods that Global, as well as many of the leading financial institutions, have used for years to target and get clients. You will have the ability to put together a well- balanced advertising program and pinpoint the type of clients you want to reach. Never before, in the history of business, has it been easier to reach large groups of potential clients. The Internet has changed the playing field and we take full advantage of that incredible tool.

3. Analyzing and Funding Transactions

One of the most important things you need to know is how to understand your clients' financing needs. We teach you how to properly analyze and package a transaction for funding sources in the exact manner which they expect from qualified knowledgeable professionals. If your transactions are presented properly and fit the criteria of the funding sources, you have a higher approval and funding rate.

4. Knowing Your Lenders

This is where true “in-depth knowledge” would take the average person years to find out. Knowing who the national funding sources are and what types of loans they specialize in is critical and invaluable knowledge. During our training, you will actually meet lenders who deal with a wide spectrum of funding solutions that will fit the needs of real estate investors and business owners. You will have benefits and programs I never dreamed of 36+ years ago. The lenders constantly adapt to current business needs and you will hear, first hand, about their latest and most successful programs. More important you will obtain, upon completion of our course, a certification making you immediately approved to do business with these lenders. This is something that took me years to accomplish and it is the key to my success. If I know what my lenders want to approve, I can easily target those business prospects or real estate investors and get an extraordinary turnaround on approvals. And that’s good for everyone…the lender, your customer, and YOU!


5. Making Money

Nothing is more motivating than making money, and if you follow the Global Financial Training Program your success is enhanced. When you begin making money shortly after our training, you will have greater confidence and be highly motivated to go out and make more money!


Making money isn’t your only goal. Having a great lifestyle is equally as important.


This is the only business I know that literally wraps itself around your lifestyle. You simply need your cell phone and a laptop to accomplish most tasks. People do not expect you to be working nights, weekends, or holidays. 90 Percent of your business is done over the phone so this allows you to choose the lifestyle you want to live, whether it be taking a vacation once a month, playing golf, attending your family events, or working only 4 days a week. Since you don't need to meet most loan prospects in person you are awarded the flexibility of running your business from home or from wherever you want.


If you’re ready to own your own business, give me a call. I would be glad to go over all the details and answer all of your questions. You’ll be your own boss, but you won’t be alone. Your success is our success. Our professional staff will be beside you guiding your success with training, encouragement, and support.


My intention is to help you realize that you can live the life most people only dream about.

I thank you and wish you the best possible success going forward in your life.


Yours truly,

Phil Dushey, CEO of Global Financial

"Successful people do what unsuccessful people do not do"... All you need to do is take the first step.     

Letter From Our President

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