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"Be Your Own Boss"

We believe that once you understand just how much of a need these services are and how much money can be made by arranging commercial loans, you will understand why now is the best time to get into this business

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Global Financial Training Program

Global has developed the world's leading training program in the industry. Being a nationally recognized finance company, with over 36 years’ experience in the commercial finance industry, we teach people how to enter this lucrative field and "OWN THEIR OWN FINANCE COMPANY". Global knows exactly what it takes to start a business, find the right sources of money, and easily find clients. 

What is commercial finance?

It's the business of providing other businesses with capital to survive and grow. We've put hundreds of individuals in the business of arranging loans to literally any type of business with any credit situation. You'll be able to provide loans ranging from as little as $5,000 to as much as $500 million or more while earning fees of between 1-15%.


Global Financial Training Program
Why Are We In Such High Demand Now?

Due to the mortgage meltdown several years ago banks only lend to a small percentage of companies that we call “A+” credits, or companies that really don’t need the money. Speak to any business person who has gone to the bank for a loan. The answer is almost always NO! We lend to all credit categories. While we can be competitive with the banks on the “A” credits, we provide funding solutions for the B, C, D credits, and start-up companies. These categories represent 90% of businesses seeking money. They also represent the highest paying commissions.

When the banks are saying NO you can say YES!

This is part of what we call “WORKING SMART...NOT HARD”. Working smart, in this business, is knowing how to target your best prospects and how to convert the highest percentage of applicants into financed loans. You will work on deals that pay high commissions and will work on deals you know will get approved instead of wasting precious time on deals we know will not close.

The vast majority of business can be conducted over the phone during normal business hours. No need to be tied down to an office. We'll show you the simple tools of the trade. We'll teach you how just a few hours a day can harvest hundreds of leads and dozens of deals.


We make learning this business easy

With over 17+ years of teaching students from every walk of life and over 36 years of continuous experience in lending, we have carefully refined our training to essential knowledge and concepts that are simple to understand. Our curriculum provides our students with all of the business know-how they need to understand and operate a commercial finance company while providing them with a deep well of resources allowing them to service literally any client needed.


During the training, you will meet premier lenders who have unlimited sources of funding. Each of these lenders specializes in certain niches, giving you a very wide range of offerings for your clients. As a result, you will have far more financial choices than your local bank or lending institution. These lenders will share valuable insights into their products and the best methods of gaining clients quickly and easily. You'll discover how to maximize profitability through them and how to optimize your time by providing them with the "basic" needs for quick approvals (sometimes even on the same day).


You will have more than 30 different loan vehicles with hundreds of variations, giving you the broadest array of offerings in the industry.


You will learn Basic Business requirements

We start with the basics of being in business; what you need to get started, how to structure your business, time management, setting and achieving goals, creating a business plan, identifying niche opportunities. This is the nuts and bolts portion of running a business. It doesn't matter how successful you are, you must structure your business properly, organize your efforts, and understand accounting principles and operational issues. Business can be more complicated today than ever before or far simpler. Our methodology highlights how to keep it simple. Remember, this is a business that can be run part or full time, from home or an office and each method requires a slightly different set of skills and knowledge. We advise you on every aspect of getting your business set up and running properly.

Industry-Specific Guidelines

Once you have a basic understanding of setting up a business we get more industry-specific.

You will have an understanding of:

  • Over 30 financial loan products

  • Step by step guide to how each works and when to use one or another.

  • How to quickly identify a client's needs. How to focus on their first need with an eye on what you will be able to provide to that same client going forward.

  • What the difference is between one time transactions and recurring transactions and how to "mine" for that residual gold that will yield profits every month and every year.

  • The industry sub-culture. Clients that are service professionals in other disciplines who can direct business to you on a regular basis.

  • How to develop a vendor business that can serve as an ongoing source of revenue month in and month out from each client. Vendors are companies that sell equipment and need financing.

  • The unique industry vocabulary so you sound like a "pro" to both clients and lenders.

  • You'll learn the simple procedure of filing an application designed to get quick approval. You'll learn the difference between various types of loans, types of lenders, types of approval techniques. This is an intensive education in an industry that can yield extraordinary earnings year after year.


You Will Be Able To Offer a Very Wide Range of Loan Solutions

Some companies only teach "equipment leasing" while others say they teach dozens or even hundreds of loan types but in actuality have very limited direct experience. Some teach but do not create a direct relationship between you and lenders.


We have made every type of loan imaginable, ranging from small to large business loans, commercial real estate, large scale projects, acquisitions, and every other type of loan a company may need. We have done it all for over 36+ years and will continue to do so for years to come.


As a result, we have identified the "CORE" lending types that are easy to learn and represent nearly every need a business could have. You will be able to offer your clients a full range of financial services.


The list of transactions you can fund keeps growing. Whether they need a loan to get working capital, purchase new equipment, acquire a new business, purchase property, or simply obtaining unsecured loans…you can do it all. There have never been more clients with financial needs. In every economy, there exists a “sweet spot” or a circumstance where others are suffering yet a few businesses prosper. This is such a moment in time. The current condition of our economy has created a climate in which more and more businesses need capital to build or rebuild. You provide the solutions.


Combine these facts with what the industry acknowledges as the best training program available and you are in the perfect position to strike while the iron is hot.  


Immediate Approval with your Lenders

The key to your success is unlimited capital availability, understanding which lenders are best for each type of situation and knowing "HOW" to talk to these lenders. Each industry segment uses slightly different jargon. Using that jargon instantly communicates to the lender the depth of your knowledge.


During the training, we introduce you to key lenders that you will be approved with from all over the country, who can provide the widest possible scope of lending activities. You will be able to finance transactions with these lenders from $5,000 to more than $500 million, getting approvals in 24 - 72 hours.


From the minute you finish the training, you are approved with premium lenders that are ready to work with you immediately. You must realize that without this training, you would have to spend at least three to five years in the business before these lenders would consider working with you.


Many people ask why our lenders do this. The answer is simple. Through many years of positive experiences with the Global graduates, coupled with the strong foundation and knowledge gained, the lenders take our graduates seriously.


The industry is constantly evolving and it is important to have a personal connection to people with their "ear to the ground". These lender contacts will be invaluable, as you progress in your business, pointing out the latest trends, the easiest products to market, and the best sources to gain clients. They are there to support you every day because they know if you make money, they make money!


Unsurpassed Marketing Expertise

Many people wonder about the number of potential clients and ask why they simply don't go to the bank for financing. Banks are regulated by the government and don't take risks. They finance the 10% of businesses that have A+ credits and really don't need the money. The bottom 20% of businesses are too risky for any lender, leaving 70% of all businesses in America that are your potential clients. There is no shortage of potential clients and we will teach you how to find them.


We cover EVERY aspect of securing clients quickly, easily, and give you everything you need to succeed in this business. Our marketing techniques have proven themselves in the field. We know what does and does not work, constantly evolving with the rapidly changing landscape of marketing services and tools...we are always testing, refining, and providing those that work best. From customized websites, business identity packages, social media setups,1,000 leads, and much more, you will have everything you need to get traffic to your website, get your phones ringing and have you closing deals quickly.


Ongoing Support

All the knowledge in the world is useless unless you ACT on it. The reason most people do not act is that they simply feel overwhelmed when they return home.


A step by step guide is crucial to keeping you on your path to meeting your goals. We take the guessing out of what you should do day one, week one, month one. This way you can get started as soon as you return home.


You are going to have questions. Lots of them! Your training does not end the day you leave. We are here for you, as long as you need us. We have taken support to another level and created the Mentorship Program. Not only will you receive lifetime support but the person that trains you will become your 1:1 coach/mentor.


Our job is your success. We are here to answer questions, guide you, and help you get your deals closed. In time, you will get the hang of things and lean on us less and less while building strong relationships with the lenders you are approved with. Even a few years down the road, we will be here to help you with anything you need…. With no ongoing fees.


"How can you teach someone to swim if you don't know how to swim yourself?"

We believe that once you understand just how much of a need these services are and how much money can be made by arranging commercial loans, you will understand why now is the best time to get into this business. We know what it takes to get clients, quickly, analyze their needs, get transactions funded, and make money. We teach you our tried and proven methods that we use every day. We are “swimming” in the commercial loan brokering business and have been every day for over 36 years. You too will learn how to “swim” on your own, feeling confident in operating your business right from the comfort of your own home. Our training program is truly the first step toward your financial independence.

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