Custom Webinar Link for Brokers

We're making it easier for you to present the Global Financial Training Program with Custom Webinar Links for Brokers! 

With your custom link, you can invite your client list to join one of our weekly webinars. We'll provide the link along with information you should include in the email to your clients. Here's how it works:

Request a link.

When you submit your request below, we will follow up with your custom URL link. The custom link will direct to the webinar date you've chosen and include your name at the end—this way, we know which clients are yours. You can review our webinar dates and submit the form on this page.

Invite your clients.

Once you've received your custom link, it will look something like this:


Next, craft an email using the information we provide and send to your clients. Link your custom URL to a button or hyperlink within your email.

We'll handle the rest!

After the webinar, we'll send you a report to show who of your clients signed up. From here, you can be as hands-on as you like!