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You can earn a six figure income working where you want, when you want, part or full time with a complete sense of freedom, security and independence.


"A Great Opportunity"

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BROKERS: Here's How to Register Your Client

Global takes a very serious interest into every one of our clients in making sure that this opportunity is right for you. Please fill out the below information so that Global Financial Training Program can properly register* your clients. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at


*Please note that once a client in registered, they will be attached to your account for 30 days. If the broker sets up contact between Global and your client, within the 30 days, we will extend registration for an additional 30 days from date of contact. If no contact has been set up and made between Global and your client, within 30 days, we will remove registration from your account.

Thanks for submitting!

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