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A Financial Career That Offers Loan Support to Businesses and Unlimited Lifestyle Flexibility

A career as a financial broker offers many advantages for entrepreneurs looking to open a profitable business while maintaining complete lifestyle flexibility. Global Financial Training Program provides the training and support to embark on a career as a financial broker in the commercial-lending industry, and the brand shares direct access to over 50 lenders. Graduates of the program gain ongoing support and invaluable skills, including learning how to tap into the most effective techniques and the best financing options for all businesses, even those that are denied lending by their banks.

Phil Dushey, founder and president, explains the freedoms a financing business offers. “You can close a financial transaction anywhere – it can be in your home, car, or even on vacation. Ninety-five percent of the finance business happens over the phone. It is not necessary to keep an office outside the home unless that is what works specifically for your lifestyle. This is truly a career that offers total control over your schedule,” Dushey said.

Adding to the flexibility offered by a career in business financing are the low startup costs involved. A phone and a computer are the only essential tools necessary for the initial grand opening, but Dushey stresses the importance of a strict business schedule. “You have to condition yourself,” he said. “You need to get into a business headspace. I get up, get ready and go out to get a cup of coffee. Then I return home and get serious about what I have to do for the day. I maintain a business lifestyle, but there is no one here to bother or distract me.”

The Global Financial Training Program is not a franchise. After the initial cost of the training program, there are no additional fees or royalties. Graduates are prepared to enter the financing industry easily and quickly with all the tools they need to begin offering loans as a seasoned professional. The training covers one trainee and a partner for a four-day intensive session that encompasses the crucial information that will make up the framework for the business. After leaving, graduates are provided with everything they need to be successful, including a full branding package with a custom-designed logo and website, extensive marketing tools, 1,000 leads and the entire lending portfolio developed by Global Financial.

- Elice Morgenson, Franchise Dictionary Magazine

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