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Alternative Ways To Finance Your Business

As a premier training program in the commercial-lending industry, Global Financial Training Program provides all of the necessary tools, including comprehensive training, for those wanting to be successful financial brokers. With direct access to over 50 lenders, graduates secure financing for businesses that have been turned down by banks.

Phil Dushey started the brand with the goal of providing comprehensive financial training that could empower individuals to own their own finance and loan brokerage business. Dushey explained that the company “provides any type of loan a business owner will need to grow their business,” including A, B, C, and D financing, and services for inventory financing, commercial real estate, equipment financing, and business acquisitions. For business owners without perfect credit, Global Financial Training Program makes a world of difference.

“Banks don’t readily fund small businesses and startups because they [have to adhere to] specific government guidelines about who they can lend to,” said Dushey, CEO of the Global Financial Training Program. “So, really, banks’ hands are tied here.”

Dushey explained that in order for graduates of the program to excel in the world of commercial loan brokering, it’s important to adapt to changes in the economic climate and business landscape. The Global Financial Training Program prepares graduates for these changes by teaching them proactive marketing methods.

“Even during the pandemic, a lot of businesses were doing fantastically, and they needed money to grow and stay alive. So we focused our attention on a lot of startup businesses and businesses in the healthcare market, for example. We always provide ongoing support and ongoing training. That way, we keep our people well-informed on where the financial trends are going,” Dushey said.

In addition to setting up graduates with 1,000 initial leads, Dushey and his team provide an all-inclusive marketing package, including a customized logo and professional website to help with branding efforts. Thanks to Global Financial Training Program, students are empowered with the knowledge and skills to provide financing support where and when it’s needed most.

Tamara Rahoumi, Franchise Dictionary Magazine

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