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An Easy Transition Into Commercial Finance

Over the years, Phil Dushey, CEO and president of the Global Financial Training Program, has trained many military veterans to be successful financial brokers in the world of commercial finance. With banks currently turning down 80% to 90% of loan requests from small-business owners, Global Financial Training Program provides business owners with much-needed capital to grow their businesses regardless of credit

Dushey spoke of the benefits of enrolling in the program, especially for military service members who have a wealth of skills that are beneficial in a financial-lending career. “Veterans come to the program with a great number of essential skills that they developed during their years of service. They are highly organized, self-driven and dedicated to each project they work with. Our program is offered for a very low fee, and graduates stand to promptly make a great deal of money. We also offer veterans a special discount on the cost of the program,” he said.

The adjustment back to civilian life is different for each veteran and can require a flexible career. A financial-lending career offers the flexibility to create a business that works at your pace and with your unique lifestyle. Also, financial transactions can happen in a home office or on the road, and no additional employees are required, making this a business that offers complete career versatility and an opportunity to make a high annual income in your first year.

“The most recent development in our program is that graduates are able to see a return on their investment much earlier, due to the present economic state of the country,” Dushey said. “Business is booming, and banks are only lending to those with perfect or close to perfect credit. Two graduates of the program were able to make their investment back several weeks after they graduated from the program. A few years ago, our graduates would take three to four months to develop their business into being profitable. Now, they have great success in the first month or two. You can make 1% to 15% of commission on loans of $10,000 to $100 million.”

The Global Financial Training Program provides all the tools needed to start a profitable business in commercial financing. The program is not a franchise and, after the initial cost of the program, there are no additional fees or royalties. Graduates begin their new careers the moment they leave the program and are supplied with a custom logo, professional website, marketing package, 1,000 initial leads, and approval to do business with over 50 lenders. Finally, and most importantly, all graduates receive support from the leading training program for the life of their business and are able to access Global Financial’s years of experience and wealth of knowledge.

“During the pandemic, businesses got hurt, and their credit got impacted. We have the resources to find loans for A, B, C and D credits. We have also seen a huge influx of startup businesses who need money, and we are able to get it for them,” he said.

Each Tuesday, Global Financial Training Program provides a free webinar explaining the program. Interested individuals can go to the website to sign up.

Elice Morgenson, Franchise Dictionary Magazine


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