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Experience and Relationships Provide a Valuable Edge

Global Financial Training Program has spent 20 years imparting its experience in the commercial finance industry on entrepreneurs who come from diverse professional backgrounds and are looking to create their own successful commercial finance business.

It’s an opportunity for people to enter the industry at a low cost and take advantage of a lifetime of support that will aid in their business’s success.

The program provides monthly webinars that give updated information on new lenders and proven marketing strategies. Their strategies include social media and logo design which, in practice, can leave your phone ringing endlessly five to 10 days after completing your training. After completing the program, your teacher becomes your mentor, helping with any hurdles along the way, while the mentor makes no profit. Paying a one-time fee of $19,950, graduates of the program are allowed access to the tools and industry knowledge that they need, and the access to many trusted lenders that have built a relationship with the company.

According to CEO Phil Dushey, many banks are currently turning down 85% of loan applications from small-business owners. One major benefit that graduates can utilize is the quick approval process for most transactions. Most banks can take weeks or even months to approve and fund a loan request, but it often only takes between 24 and 48 hours for graduates of the program to receive approval.

Many businesses saw a decline during the pandemic, but graduates of Global Financial Training Program were in a unique position. During the pandemic, owners needed loans to start and sustain their businesses, but unlike banks, graduates were able to leverage the relationships with lenders that they gained through the program. These relationships allowed them access to quick approvals and funding with all kinds of business loans, which then allowed their businesses to grow.

These graduates make deals on their own time. According to Dushey, several graduates of the program have closed transactions while on vacations or when eating at their favorite restaurant. He even recalled how one student closed a deal while paying for his groceries. Global Financial Training Program is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to grow their companies while living the lifestyle they choose.

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