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Financing Superstars | Franchise Dictionary Magazine

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Franchise Dictionary Magazine discusses Global's business opportunity and benefits of the program.

Financing Superstars | Franchise Dictionary Magazine

Global Financial Training Program allows you to earn 6-figures by connecting clients with less than perfect credit to lenders that want to help

For many entrepreneurs, the only thing holding them back from having a productive and successful business is a financial history that is less than perfect. The Global Financial Training Program will equip graduates with extensive knowledge in loans and position them to earn a six-figure income. Graduates will help businesses that have less than perfect credit.

Most businesses will need a loan, and denial can spell disaster for the future of the company. Banks can be selective lenders, and factors ranging from small discrepancies in one’s credit history to full-fledged bankruptcy can render a lender to deny the loan request. Global Financial Training Program graduates have the resources to not only access loans for those previously deemed unworthy, but they can also help build a struggling business back to its former glory.

Global graduates can offer loans Commercial Real Estate loans to businesses with sound or not so perfect credit. The loans only require 10% down, unlike the standard 30-35%, and the loan can extend out as far as 25 years, payments are lower and more affordable.

Global Financial has seen a 30-40% increase in loans, and many are related to the recent real estate boom in the last two years. Typical commercial and residential real estate loans often require a large deposit down and need a squeaky clean credit history. Global Financial Training Program graduates can connect the borrower with loans such as equipment financing, working capital, business acquisition loans, or almost any type of loan business would need with little or no money down.

Global Financial has established a training program with all the components for a lucrative career in financing. The program provides a unique combination of marketing techniques, immediate access to the best lenders in the industry, a wide variety of loan products to cover every need, and lifetime support. They also provide a cutting-edge website and immediately connect you with direct access to lenders. The one-time fee of $19,950 for the Training Program makes for an affordable entry into this career that will last a lifetime. There are no additional fees or royalties, and graduates complete the program as independent financial brokers.

The step-by-step agenda will cover everything a graduate needs to proceed with daily activities. Global also provides the first 1,000 leads, so a graduate can jump right in and start using the skills they have developed.

Global Financial has carefully developed its training system to teach students the fundamentals of financing, without overwhelming them. Students embark on a four-day training program in New York City that covers all the core fundamentals for funding. They are then paired with a mentor that will help them as they develop as a financer and can even be on your calls with your clients as an underwriter when you need them. The fundamentals cover topics like business structure, time management, setting goals, and identifying niche opportunities. Students will graduate with a detailed plan for the first six months.

The mentoring program that Global launched in 2019, has taken support to the next level. Graduates are given a six-month plan and assigned a mentor for the life of their global financing business. This relationship provides essential advice for the successful development of the industry. Many loan requests come in, and graduates can gain from their mentor’s advice for any new or unusual loan requests. Companies will be confident to proceed with you as a graduate because of the mentorship of a seasoned professional that is only a phone call away if need be. It is a remarkable opportunity to build your own business with the potential to earn 6-figures.

To learn more about the Global Financial Training Program call 201-633-3010 or visit their website at:

– Elice Morgenson, Franchise Dictionary Magazine

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