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Graduate of the Month: Dan Casanta | Franchise Dictionary Magazine

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Providing Continued Support and Helping Businesses Rise to the Next Level

Graduate of the Month: Dan Casanta | Franchise
Graduate of the Month: Dan Casanta

If you are looking for someone that can help you find financing for expansion or bankroll a significant renovation, Dan Casanta of Cardinal Business Financing, Inc., has the expertise to bring your dreams to life. Casanta has an extensive history of business financing and business practices that give him the experience needed to find funding for

clients, with a variety of credit situations. Banks deny an average of 80-90% of all loan applications and during economic uncertainties, a fast and reliable financing option can save a business.

Eight years ago, Casanta took early retirement with the intention of looking into purchasing a franchise. Casanta discussed his options with a friend who suggested he look into the Global Financial Training Program created by Phil Dushey. “She told me Phil Dushey is the best in the industry. Phil shares all of his experience with you there, and he has over 50 years of financing experience and he has over 37 years in the finance industry. Not only does he teach the business, he still works in the business.”

“Clients come to us and say their bank wasn’t able to help them. We work with our clients as quickly as possible, to find the best fit, and keep them abreast of every situation.” Casanta explains that in every business, there comes a time when receivables do not match up with the capital.

Finding working capital for their clients quickly is their main objective. “No one works as hard as we do to get financing for our clients. We work as hard as we can so they can have the end result of being properly funded.”

The team at Cardinal Business Financing feels tremendous satisfaction from helping businesses get to the next level. “Most of the businesses we help are the backbone of the economy. We take that seriously.” When the pandemic first affected the economy, Casanta saw the business landscape change and less financial development occurring. A new trend has recently developed that stood out for Casanta and his team. Franchise consultants are contacting Cardinal Business Financing for their clients, and franchises are continuing to grow in popularity as a business venture.

Global Financial Training Program involves an in-depth, four-day course at its New York City headquarters, and for now has offered the training virtually via Zoom. Participants have the advantage of Global’s extensive experience in the loan brokering business, learning all aspects of owning and running their own finance companies, including acquiring new leads and marketing. “If you are trying to be a success, Phil will stay with you and be a mentor for the life of your business,” Casanta says. “Phil will call me up and ask if I have tried this lender, or considered this option.”

Program graduates start with a substantial advantage, receiving their first year of leads directly from headquarters. They also have access to unlimited advice and support from the program and a one-on-one mentor available to them for the life of their businesses. Their potential earnings can easily top six figures. Tuition for the course is $19,950, which includes materials, and exclusive access to a network of lenders. Once a graduate completes the program, there are no future fees or royalties.

For more information about Global Financial Training Program, contact Erica Sarway, or visit their website at

– Elice Morgenson, Franchise Dictionary Magazine

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