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From Student to Finance Business Owner with the Global Financial Training Program

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Spencer Sessions graduated from Utah State University with a master’s degree in mechanical and aerospace engineering. After graduating, he went on to work for the government in Idaho Falls, Idaho for several years.

In his role, Sessions soon realized he would be given a great deal of responsibility with very little decision-making ability or control. Additionally, the pay was not necessarily tied to performance. In his industry, raises were given equally across the board whether an employee worked hard or not, he said.

Feeling frustrated in the corporate world, Sessions decided to pursue his MBA at Boise State. Shortly after Sessions’ first semester, his father, Rodney Sessions, suggested he take Phil Dushey’s Global Financial Training Program, which he had participated in 10 years prior.

At this point, Sessions decided to leave the corporate world, and he has never looked back. After training with Phil Dushey, CEO and president of Global Financial, Sessions became partners with his father. Over the last seven years, their business has grown by five sales staff members and one secretary. Additionally, Sessions’ profits have been as high as three times his salary as an engineer.

Sessions continues to work on his own deals and manage his own customers. He also handles recruiting, training, and managing staff and marketing and developing new relationships with lenders and banks. For Sessions, the most rewarding part of having his own business is the schedule flexibility and lifestyle that give him more time to be home with his wife and five children. “You work when you want to work. You take off when you want to take off. You can make as much money as you want or as little money as you want, based on the effort you put into it.”

Since 1998, the Global Financial Training Program has been helping people “own their own finance company.” Owners receive four days of intensive training that covers how to provide loans for small- to medium-sized businesses and reviews every aspect of the finance business. Global Financial Training Program is not a franchise, so there are no royalties or territory restrictions.

– Cindy Charette, Franchise Dictionary Magazine

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