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High Returns for a Low Investment in the Global Financial Training Program

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

If you’re scouting an investment opportunity, there are lots of variables to consider: Are you entering a growing market? Is there continuous opportunity in this industry? And maybe most importantly, will your initial funding offer a decent return?

Phil Dushey, CEO and president of Global Financial Services, which specializes in meeting the financial needs of small- and medium-sized businesses, says his business concept checks all of those boxes.

“Our training program has a relatively low initial investment – $19,950 – and you could easily make a six-figure income, which is a great return,” noted Dushey. “We put people into the business of providing financing for businesses when they can’t access money at local banks – and that service is currently invaluable. After more than a year of instability, businesses need money now more than ever. Graduates of our Global Financial Training Program will be in the right place at the right time – able to offer immediate financing to those who need it, earning commissions for themselves of up to 15%.”

A national company that secures financing for businesses and real estate investors who have been turned down by banks, Global Financial calls upon a network of lenders who offer more than 30 types of funding, ranging from accounts receivable financing to unsecured lines of credit. Commercial real estate, equipment financing, business acquisitions, and more also fall under the company’s jurisdiction. Their training program, which grooms graduates to secure loans, setting them up with leads and all of the necessary tools to deal directly with lenders, has witnessed much success over the past several months.

Detailing how traditional banks are currently regulated by very strict guidelines, lending only to those unaffected by COVID, with a 700-plus credit score and at least five years in business with three years of profitability, Dushey said his training program has great importance in this post-pandemic world.

“Our lenders are institutional lenders, lending out their own money; so there are absolutely no government regulations or guidelines that prohibit these loans,” Dushey noted.

According to Dushey, that’s why Global Financial’s low-cost expenditure is very much on-brand. As the world braces for an economic rebound, it’s the perfect time to become involved in the financing industry.

“Most people enter the program with no financial background or experience,” Dushey said, describing the business qualifications. “We set them up and get them approved with over 50 lenders, build them a fantastic website, help them direct traffic to their social media accounts and teach them marketing and branding techniques that get the phone ringing.”

Graduates are also given 1,000 leads to jumpstart their careers and ongoing mentoring and support for the life of their business.

“This is not textbook marketing,” Dushey concluded, referring to his business’s 95% success rate. “We utilize our own experience and the advice and mentoring of industry experts to start our graduates on the road to success.”

– Jessica Jones, Franchise Dictionary Magazine

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