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Global Financial Training Program Announces “Super Achiever Scholarship” For College Finance Student

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Posted on February 15, 2017 by omgnational

New York premiere Finance Company to award up to $2,500 to college students studying finance.

NEW YORK (Feb. 2, 2017) – Phil Dushey, financial industry veteran and President of Global Financial Training Program, is pleased to announce the development of the Global Financial Super Achiever Scholarship.

This financial grant, of up to $2,500, is available for students who have chosen to study finance as either their primary undergraduate, or graduate focus. Students applying for this grant must have maintained a 3.0 GPA, in two consecutive semesters at either a state college or university. Private college students may apply as well and will be given equal consideration.

The Global Financial Training Program provides a lifetime of support in the industry, without ongoing fees, a mission that is continues to expand with the new scholarship program. The scholarship will afford students with endless possibilities and a bright future.

“About 90 percent of our program graduates are successful in the commercial finance industry,” says Dushey. “The Global Financial Super Achiever Scholarship is our way of helping our country’s students reach their entrepreneurial dreams.”

The team at Global Financial Training Program reviews all applications and will respond directly to each student should their application be accepted. All accepted applications will undergo a second round of inquiry. Applicants must have, as their stated career path, a finance related profession, either in accounting, securities advisor, banking, or other financial related careers.

Interested applicants should click here for more details on the scholarship and submission instructions.

For more information on Global Financial Training Program visit the website or follow Global Financial Training Program on Facebook, or Twitter.

About Global Financial Training Program

Global Financial Training Program is uniquely structured to maximize the benefits for our students. In fact, we are three separate companies, each specializing in a unique aspect of the commercial loan business. This enables us to provide you with hands on expertise in every area of the business you need to know. We have been in the commercial finance business, with over 30 continuous years of direct lending experience.

Through our program, students will be given boundless opportunities. We teach our students how to achieve their goal of making an unlimited income. We teach everything needed to know in the financial industry to assist you in hitting the ground running. You’ll learn to gain the independence and security you deserve.

More importantly, our positive record of accomplishment puts us in a special position with “first quality lenders” throughout the world. That’s why we can get our students immediately approved as, “recognized lenders”, when others must meet stringent qualifications, credit checks, and required business experience. Our graduates are automatically approved because lenders know and trust Global as the world’s most reliable source of training. Once you leave our program, you don’t leave us. We will always be there to guide you. That’s the Global Financial standard!

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