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Now is Still the Best Time to Enter Commercial Finance

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Now is Still the Best Time to Enter Commercial Finance

COVID-19 has undoubtedly taken a large toll on our economy. Businesses, small and large, across the United States are shutting their doors due to difficulties in getting the funds they need to stay afloat—and entrepreneurs may be hesitant to get started in something new with such uncertainty. However, one thing is for sure, now is still the best time to enter the commercial finance industry!

Below are answers to some important questions you may be asking.

How is COVID-19 affecting the Global Financial Training Program?

Due to the outbreak, the demand for funding has increased significantly. More and more applications for funding are being submitted daily and our classes are filling up quickly. Entrepreneurs see a need for the business and are acting swiftly. At the risk of derailing our students and delaying services to these businesses, we're continuing classes online!

What is the CARES Act?

The CARES Act is a solution to help businesses stay active until the dust settles and we can return to normal operations. With it, our lenders are offering clients funding solutions to aid their business.

Read more about the CARES Act here →

Why is now still the best time to start your finance company?

As the demand for funding increases, so will the need for financial services. With Global, your business is your own and you can start closing deals immediately following training. And with the CARES Act underway, our lenders are crafting new programs to assist businesses during these difficult times.

Final Thoughts

Don't wait! Now is the time to jump-start your finance company. By taking advantage of the program, you’ll be aiding businesses across America, and ultimately the economy, to stay afloat until the storm passes.

To learn more about temporary changes and updates with our program, please call 212-480-4900.


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