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Solid Business Opportunity, Quick Path to Earnings

Global Financial Training Program teaches its students how to secure commercial loans for businesses that have been turned down by banks. Unlike a franchise, the program is a lucrative business opportunity with a one-time investment of $19,950. There are no royalties, territories, overhead or additional fees.

Students attend classes via Zoom and learn about trends in financing and the many types of loans that any small-business owner or real estate investor would need. Throughout the training, students learn how to exhibit confidence and speak the language of finance, becoming comfortable to interact directly with lenders and their decision-makers. They also are approved with more than 40 lenders who explain the types of loans in which they specialize and how to make money.

After the program’s four days of comprehensive training, graduates own their own commercial finance companies and typically are up and running immediately. While most franchises take six or seven months to open and earn money, Global Financial Training Program’s graduates close transactions within their second or third month, said Phil Dushey, founder and CEO. This level of success can be attributed to Global Financial Training Program’s solid reputation and longstanding relationships with lenders, resulting in graduates securing loans within 24 to 48 hours.

“That’s spectacular, if you think about it,” said Dushey, who launched the program in the late ‘90s, after he was downsized from corporate America. “No bank in the world can do that. Banks are becoming increasingly reluctant to approve small-business loans.”

Those who complete the program are provided with 1,000 leads to jumpstart their business and effective marketing tools, including a customized logo, a professionally designed website and a personalized package of business cards and stationery.

There is much information to absorb and each graduate is assigned an experienced lifetime mentor to answer questions, help them choose appropriate lenders and loan types, and assist with closing deals.

“The mentorship program really brings this all together,” Dushey said, explaining that while graduates may own their own business, they are never truly alone.

“It’s a very, very simple business,” he said. “It’s a business where you can make a lot of money.”

Patty Horansky, Franchise Dictionary Magazine

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