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CEO Phil Dushey on How Global Financial Training Program Continues to Move America Forward

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

CEO and President, Phil Dushey twice joined William Shatner and Doug Llewelyn on the nationally syndicated television show Moving America Forward to share his premier loan broker program, the Global Financial Training Program!

Phil pioneered the industry of providing funding solutions to businesses 37 years ago when he launched his first company, Global Financial Services. Since then, he has maintained his entrepreneurial spirit with the founding of Global Church Financing, a niche business that provides equipment loans to churches, and Global Financial Training Program, an award winning commercial loan broker training course.

During his first interview, William Shatner questioned the need for this particular business and how it’s helping America to move forward. Phil responded,

“America’s always been a place where entrepreneurs can start from nothing and rise all the way to the top. This spirit is the foundation of our nation. However, in these tough times, it has become difficult for those entrepreneurs to get their vision off the ground...For over 30 years, we have been helping businesses who have been turned down by banks to obtain much needed financing so they can grow and prosper.”

Today, the demand and opportunity for this recession-proof business is more prevalent than ever before. Due to the pandemic, businesses across the United States are grappling with a new normal and desperate for alternative funding sources. With Global, students can support the 80-90% of small businesses denied bank funding by providing alternative financing options to A, B, C and D credit businesses--with potential earnings up to 15% in commissions.

Over the years, Global has found and improved ways of offering its students everything they need to get started in the business by getting them approved with varying lenders; teaching the latest, successful marketing methods; and increasing resources for its ongoing education program.

Listen to Phil’s latest interview from his Global Headquarters as he discusses the changing landscape of our economy, the demand for business financing, and how a program such as Global’s can help entrepreneurs make a 6-figure income in the commercial finance industry!

Learn more about this lucrative opportunity and download our free e-brochure below! For webinar and class details, join our email list here.

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