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Mobile + Home-Based Franchises: Global Financial Training Program, Quality of Life

Global Financial Training Program teaches its students how to secure commercial loans for small- to medium-sized businesses that are typically turned down by banks.

It is a lucrative business opportunity, and only requires a low, one-time investment of $19,950. According to Founder and CEO Phil Dushey, there are no royalties, territories, overhead or additional fees, and the potential for earnings is unlimited. Dushey began the program over 30 years ago after he was downsized from the corporate world and made a vow never to work for others again.  

Graduates of the program own their own commercial finance companies and are immediately vetted by more than 40 large institutional lenders. These lenders will waive their standard loan requirements for graduates because of Global Financial Training Program’s reputation and long-standing relationships in the industry.

Unlike banks, which can take months to approve commercial loans and still may not approve them at all, graduates of the program can secure loans within 24 to 48 hours. Additionally, graduates can work from home or anywhere in the world and easily earn up to six figures.

“The mobility of this business is amazing,” Dushey said. “You got a phone; you got an office.”

Dushey even recently closed a $300,000 loan over the phone while traveling in China and, according to him, the demand for money is up between 30% and 40% over 2022, especially for startups and business acquisitions. Because of this, institutional lenders are becoming more creative with the loans they offer, making it even easier for the program’s graduates to succeed.

Restaurants, healthcare and construction are current examples of huge areas of growth, and being a graduate of the program can help owners in those industries get loans regardless of resources or credit.

Students attend four days of Zoom classes in which they learn about trends in financing and the many types of loans that any small-business owner or real estate investor would need.

The program teaches the language of finance so graduates will have a key skill in being comfortable dealing directly with decision-makers. 

“People like dealing with people they like,” Dushey said.

Students also meet more than 20 lenders, who explain the types of loans in which they specialize, such as startups and equipment or A through D credits.

According to Dushey, more people are wanting to be in business for themselves, especially post-pandemic. The program’s interactive classes of 10 to 12 students each have been filled to capacity. 

“We’re selling out every single month,” he said. “The demand is excellent.”

Graduates are assigned a lifetime mentor to help them choose the appropriate lenders and loans, and they’re ready for business immediately upon completion of the program. They’re also provided with the tools they need, including 1,000 initial leads, a professional website, logos, stationery and more.

A background in business is not required, but students typically come from sales or managerial positions, enjoy working with others and value home and family time. 

“The quality of life is excellent,” Dushey said. “I don’t know of any other business like it.”


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