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Institutional Lending Propels Lucrative Business Opportunity

Global Financial Training Program has changed the terrain of commercial lending by teaching its students how to secure loans for small- to medium-sized businesses that are usually turned away by banks. It is a lucrative business opportunity, not a franchise, according to Founder and CEO Phil Dushey. It offers a low, one-time investment of $19,950. There are no royalties, territories, overhead fees or additional fees.

Dushey founded the program in the late 1990s after he was downsized from corporate America and vowed never to work for others again. Graduates of the program will own their own commercial finance companies and immediately be vetted by more than 40 institutional lenders, who waive any standard requirements because of Global Financial Training Program’s reputation and long-standing relationships in the industry.

Students attend four days of classes via Zoom, where they learn about trends in financing and the many types of loans that any small-business owner or real estate investor would need. They also meet with more than 20 lenders, who approve A through D credits and explain the loans in which they specialize, including funds for startups, equipment, inventory and lines of credit.

Unlike banks, which can take months to approve loans and are limited by federal guidelines regarding debt, graduates of the program can secure loans within 24 to 48 hours. Because institutional lenders put up their own money, they can take more risks and they look for ways to provide loans.

Students are taught the language of finance so they’re comfortable dealing directly with decision-makers. According to Dushey, confidence and knowledge are key to building relationships and securing loans.

Graduates are also provided with a lifetime mentor to help them find and work with the appropriate lenders.

“They’re ready to write a loan the next day after training,” Dushey said.

Global Financial Training Program teaches its students all aspects of marketing and provides them with 1,000 initial leads, a professional website, logos, stationery and more.

Dushey said institutional lending is recession-proof because there are always people who want to start their own business, be their own boss or keep their business afloat, and this is especially true after the COVID-19 pandemic.

“People are spending money, businesses are growing, and they need money to grow. We’re able to help them grow, even if they’ve had credit issues in the past,” he said.

Dushey added that the lenders pay the brokers’ commissions, and a six-figure income is easy to achieve.

The program also provides graduates with residual income because clients may need further funding, including loans for buildings or buying out a partner.

Graduates play an important role in bolstering communities through small businesses, such as restaurants, while building wealth for themselves and their families. The program offers a special discount to veterans who often do well because they are disciplined and focused. Dushey also said that more and more young people are getting into the business and making money.

“One of the great things about the finance business is the freedom that it allows you,” Dushey said.

Because of its excellent teaching, graduates of Global Financial Training Program work for themselves and can achieve any lifestyle they desire and make money from anywhere they have a phone.

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