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Low Investment Yields High Returns

Global Financial Training Program is a lucrative business opportunity that teaches its students how to secure commercial loans for businesses that have been turned down by banks.

“Where we really have a heads-up over the banks is we can get deals done in 24 to 48 hours,” said Phil Dushey, founder and CEO, who has over 38 years of experience in commercial finance.

Small businesses make up more than 60% of the nation’s workforce, and their numbers are growing. Over 90% of them need financial assistance, in good economies or bad, Dushey said.

One husband-and-wife dressmaking team converted their sewing machines and materials to make designer masks they sold online during COVID-19. With orders pouring in, the pair needed funds and were able to secure private lending quickly.

Upon completion of the program, students are immediately connected with more than 35 lenders so they can assist businesses with all of their financial needs.

“Being vetted with lenders is the highlight of our program,” said Dushey, “because if you’re going to be in the lending business, you have to deal directly with lenders.”

Unlike a franchise, the program is a one-time investment of $19,950. There are no royalties or territories. “You will actually own your own commercial finance company,” Dushey said.

During four days of comprehensive training, students learn about the multiple loan types, such as equipment, factoring, small-business administration, etc., anything a business owner or real estate investor would need.

During the class, students meet more than 20 private lenders to learn about the loans in which they specialize, helping them become comfortable with decision-makers.

Every student is assigned a mentor who guides them toward securing deals for their clients. This is important because students can feel comfortable starting out on their own.

The Global program provides students with leads and the tools to market successfully. With the right marketing strategies, students will be put on the path to a six-figure income in no time.

Franchise Dictionary Magazine, Patty Horansky

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