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Financing Businesses After the Pandemic

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

The Timing Has Never Been Better To Start a Career in Financing and Make a Six-figure Income

As consumers feel more comfortable venturing out again, the need for goods and services has skyrocketed. Additionally, many people who were previously laid off have taken the plunge to become entrepreneurs, and business start-ups have seen a massive upswing in numbers. Both factors have resulted in a greater need for capital, yet banks still turn down the majority of those loan requests, citing government guidelines that limit business owners with poor credit, limited assets and a short record of profitability.

Global Financial Training Program educates its students to become brokers that think outside the box to provide financing in a multitude of ways. The brand, which has a five-star ranking on Google and Facebook, is approved by institutional, or private, lenders that offer unique lending options that are not hampered by the restrictions that banks have.

Founder and President Phil Dushey shared his insight about a specific area of capital he says is booming at the moment. “Commercial real estate is hotter than a firecracker right now. More than ever before, we are seeing people buying spaces like office buildings, apartment buildings, self-storage and mixed-use spaces that feature both retail and residential in the same building. The banks are lending for that, but they require a huge down payment and AAA credit. Our lenders lend on the value of the buildings rather than the credit of the borrower. This opens up a lot of opportunities for lending,” Dushey explained.

The time to be in the loan-providing business could not be better. Global Financial Training Program not only educates future brokers, but it also has been actively providing loans for over 37 years. Graduates of the program are supplied with a custom-designed logo and website, 1,000 leads that generate calls in the first 10 days, and approval with over 50 lenders for any financing solution and extensive marketing. When graduates of the Global Financial Training Program walk out the door, they have everything they need to succeed and make a six-figure income.

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– Elice Morgenson

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