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Finding Success in Every Economy

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Global Financial Training Program provides a low-cost entry into the lucrative field of commercial financing. The program costs $19,950 and, after completion, there are no additional fees or royalties. Graduates are taught the most current trends in financing and learn how to facilitate lending deals that fit various financial backgrounds. Many business owners experience difficulty receiving loans from traditional banks, but brokers who graduate from the program have access to over 50 institutional lenders. These large private lenders, such as GE Capital, lend their own money, so they have no regulations from the federal government.

Phil Dushey, CEO and president of Global Financial Training Program, stands firmly behind a saying on his company’s website: ‘How can you teach someone to swim if you don’t know how to swim yourself?’

With over 38 years of active commercial lending experience, Dushey works closely with brokers and helps them learn how to complete deals directly with lending institutions. Dushey’s attention to market trends helps graduates get a leg up in the world of commercial finance.

“What we taught 10 years ago is not valid today,” Dushey said. “The marketing is not textbook marketing. It is all based on what the market is doing today. We are in the business, and we can see the trends. This gives us the unique ability to teach proactive marketing, including how to locate your client and how to communicate with them about current lending preferences.”

Increased interest rates and a rapidly changing economy have caused a shift in the success of many businesses across the country. Despite these fluctuations, graduates of the program have seen their businesses grow steadily.

“Not only has the financing industry grown, but many students are completing transactions as early as the first month after graduating from the program. It would not be unusual for a broker to easily make a six-figure income in their first year of financing. If you land a commercial real estate deal for $2 million, you can make $60,000; if you sell $100,000 of equipment, you can make, roughly, $10,000; and if you sell a working capital loan for $200,000, you can make $20,000. We teach you how to get your phone ringing in the first 10 days after completing the program,” Dushey said.

Global Financial hosts four days of comprehensive training, and attendees can receive the training via Zoom from the comfort of their homes. Once a broker completes the program, a mentor is assigned for the life of the business to assist with ongoing support, training and transaction review. Graduates are approved to work with the 50-plus lenders with whom the program has maintained long-term relationships, and they are granted over 1,000 online at no additional cost.

Although the current instability of the economy has caused hardships for people across the nation, graduates of the Global Financial Training Program have found constant growth. “We have seen a number of residential real estate lenders switching over to commercial lending. Even though the rates are also rising in commercial business loans, they are still making a profit. The dynamic of commercial lending is not scaring anyone away from borrowing. Financing changes with the current market, and since we are actively working in financing as well as teaching it, we are able to teach brokers about current trends and how to properly handle them. It is all about how much I can make and how much my monthly payment is,” Dushey said.

Elice Morgenson, Franchise Dictionary Magazine

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