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Lifetime Support, Financial Security and Endless Growth


For over 20 years, the experts at Global Financial Training Program have taught new entrepreneurs how to run a successful commercial finance business, resulting in independence and financial security. Graduates of the program secure loans for small- to medium-sized businesses and real estate investors who have been turned down by banks. With commissions ranging up to 15%, there’s no question that there’s a lot of promise for growth and profit with this program.

However, it’s the low cost of entry that allows new entrepreneurs to enter into this lucrative field and become successful. With a one-time cash investment of $19,950. This home-based business model is an easy way for people to get started.

Even with the company’s low barrier to entry, one of Global Financial Training Program’s biggest perks is the automatic lender approval for graduates, according to Erica Sarway, vice president of marketing and sales. Global Financial Training Program has established a network of trusted lenders who get rid of the hoops independent brokers have to jump through for approval.

While the approval process can be a huge hurdle for other independent brokers, graduates of Global Financial Training Program are armed with the skills and tools, lenders, marketing strategies and lifetime support needed to help businesses survive and grow.

Global Financial Training Program prides itself on the lifetime support it offers, which is included in the initial flat-fee cost; students do not need to pay any commissions or annual fees. Graduates of the program are set up with an all-inclusive marketing package, including a customized logo and a professional website to help with market exposure. With all of these resources at the graduates’ disposal, the potential for growth is endless.

“People have this feeling that there is a finite amount of money in the world,” said Sarway. “But everybody can be rich. Everybody can make money. The most gratifying part of this business is that not only am I making money in the business, but I’m giving people the power to make their own money too.”

Kelsi Trinidad, Franchise Dictionary Magazine

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